First Class Passengers Boo Fallen American Hero’s Family on Plane

First Class Passengers Boo Fallen American Hero’s Family on Plane

Last week, a Gold Star family from California who were escorting the remains of their member killed in Afghanistan earlier this month were booed by angry first class passengers for delaying their flight.

U.S. Army Sgt. John W. Perry’s father explained he was escorting his son’s body to California to give him a proper burial. A suicide bomber killed Sgt. Perry on Saturday in Afghanistan. The terrorist blew himself up at a Veteran’s Day fun run on the American base.

But the grieving father, Stewart Perry, now wants people to stop politicizing everything and start talking about what really matters. He wants people to find solutions to terrorism which killed his son. Also, he hopes people will learn about the many service members that sacrifice their lives on a daily basis to keep the country safe.

“I want people to know about the heroic thing that my son did,”

the father said.

Sgt. Perry’s ‘Selfless’ Act

Reportedly, the bomber killed Sgt. Perry before he completed the run. Nevertheless, he put himself in the harm’s way to protect a female soldier participating in the 5K Veterans Day run. His colleagues said he engaged in a “selfless” act just to keep other soldiers from being killed. Veterans organized the event to keep themselves distracted from the daily stresses in the Middle Eastern country.

Sgt. Perry’s parents believes their son is a hero because without his sacrifice the bomber could have killed 100 possibly 200 more soldiers. But the late soldier’s flight home was not free of controversy. Because the American Airlines plane was carrying the man’s body, the flight was delayed. When they heard that they’ll have to wait for the coffin to be loaded into the cargo hold, some passengers were displeased.

Flight attendants said passengers in the first class section started booing the soldier’s parents and sister shortly after the pilot announced the reason for the 45-minute delay. Passengers were also upset that the crew allowed the “special military family” deplane first to not miss a connecting flight.

First class travelers booed the travelers some of them complaining that it was not fair that they paid first-class fees. It is unclear whether passengers in the coach section complained too. Perry said that, when he heard the first class booing, it really upset him and made the family “cry some more.”

A Grieving Father’s Desire

Perry now calls for all Americans to stop the division and see the U.S. flag as his son saw it. He said the flag was not a sign of protest but a reminder of the deaths of those who saved America. He added that it would bother him to hear the president-elect speak badly about a Gold Star family. But people not wanting to talk about terrorism which killed his “kid” bothers him even more.

“My kid was over there to help put a stop to this garbage, and he died,”

the father said in a recent interview.

Earlier this month, two more service members lost their lives in Afghanistan during a series of NATO airstrikes against Taliban targets. NATO described the operation which killed two and wounded four as a “a train, advise and assist mission.” The organization is still investigating the issue to see what went wrong.

Image Source: Wikimedia