3 Antibodies Could Reportedly Suppress The HIV Virus

3 Antibodies Could Reportedly Suppress The HIV Virus

A recent study found that the combination of 3 antibodies could reportedly suppress the HIV virus and even potentially lead to its disappearance.

For quite some time, HIV was one of humanity’s biggest health problems. The virus is hard to eliminate. This is also due to its notorious mutations ability. Still, new research and potential vaccines are currently being tested and developed.

And a recent test has presented a new potential HIV suppressant. A team of Rockefeller University researchers presented a new variant. They released their study results earlier this month. A paper was published in the Science Translational Medicine journal.

An HIV infection treatment depends on antiretroviral drugs or ART. These are an indispensable part of the therapy. They help control the virus. Otherwise, this could mutate and lead to AIDS.

Still, ART treatments do have their issues. Not all such therapies turn out successful. The HIV virus can sometimes mutate and block the immune system’s response. This new research advances a solution to this issue.

The scientists advanced a combination of 3 antibodies as the solution. This could potentially block the HIV virus’s ability to escape the immune response. Research on the matter was led at the Rockefeller University.

Lab studies tested the effectiveness of the 3 antibodies on mice. HIV-infected mice were administered the antibodies combination. The 3 antibodies used are BG1, BG18, and NC37. Once administered, the three attach themselves to an epitope.

This latter is a part of the HV virus. Taken individually, the antibodies could be defeated by the virus. But after being combined, the three antibodies showed their effectiveness in suppressing the HIV.

Natalia Freund went to offer some details. She is the study’s first author. According to Freund, the body of some HIV-infected patients can naturally produce these antibodies.

But as stated before, the virus usually escapes their effect. It does so as it mutates itself around the antibody’s own epitope. Through these mutations, the HIV evolves and escapes the immune response.

Still, there is a group of patients known as elite controllers. The research wanted to show that their immune systems could actually defeat the virus. They could do so through neutralizing antibodies. These latter produce immune cells which are effective in immobilizing the virus. Eventually, they could potentially even destroy the infected cells.

The HIV virus was noted to be able to escape the 3 antibodies combination. But only for a limited number of times. Eventually, the virus was seen to run out of options. And the immune system was able to once again trap and control it.

Research was based on the blood serum of an HIV-infected man. He has been living with the disease for about 30 years.

At the same time, a team of British researchers has developed another HIV prevention tool. They managed to stop the virus from procreating inside the human body. They also used immune cells and their response.

Research on the matter was carried by University College London researchers. Their studies were published in the Medical Daily journal.

As it is, researchers are optimistic. The discovery of these various new methods could come to stop the present HIV problems. Methods such as the three antibodies combinations may potentially even come to offer a cure sometime in the hopefully near future.

Image Source: Wikimedia