8-Year Old Girl Experiences Jungle Book in Real Life

Jungle Book girl living with monkeysIndian authorities were patrolling the Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary when they made a startling discovery.

An eight-year-old girl was found to be living wildly among a troop of monkeys as if she were one of them. Initially, she was found by woodcutters in the area who contacted authorities with reports of a young child living among a troop of monkeys.

A police team rescued the girl but received severe resistance from the monkeys who tried to protect a member of their family. In fact, the monkeys reportedly chased after the police car after the girl was rescued by an officer.

The young girl cannot communicate and lacks knowledge of her native tongue. Further, she screams violently when people go near her. Chief Medical Superintendent for the hospital stated that the crew had experienced multiple setbacks in providing the girl treatment.

There is no information about the girl on record, and from her behavior, professionals feel that she has been living among the monkeys for a significant amount of time. When originally found, she had long hair, wounds all over her body, and overgrown nails.

For now, the hospital’s top priority is to administer treatment while authorities are seeking information about her identity.

Abandoned to Survive in the Wild?

The girl was still wearing modern clothing, and her clothes were not overly worn. Therefore, authorities feel her family most likely abandoned her. The girl was hungry, weak, and looked miserable. Had authorities not rescued her, she might have been eaten alive by wild animals or died from exposure.

So far, she has lived in the hospital for two months, and workers there are struggling to teach her how to speak and walk on two legs. When admitted, she scared the staff by howling like a wild animal. The wounds on her body needed medical attention, but she would screech and claw at anyone coming near, making treatment incredibly difficult for the hospital workers.

The staff was eventually able to bathe and feed her. She suffers from severe malnutrition, and most likely ate what the monkeys were eating in the forest.

The girl has spouts of anger, in which staff must cautiously calm her down. Without reason, she bursts into fits of violence, and there are videos of her thrashing across the bed and screaming like a monkey.

She eats off the floor, runs around on her arms and legs, and refuses to use dishes. Estimates of her age range from 8 to as high as 12 years.

Once treated, the girl will be turned over to the child protection office. There she will go to a home for juveniles until she is identified.

Police are looking through missing person reports to see if they can find the girl’s identity, and they are trying to find out how she got into the forest.