Adele Not Touring Again?

Adele Not Touring Again?

Adele has never been a singer that needed tours to earn her living. In fact, her record sales already make her the biggest star in the world by far, as Billboard highlights.

During her last tour in New Zealand, Adele had been reported for saying that she was not good at touring and did not enjoy it. She played her final show of the 25 tour, where she sang for over 40,000 fans during a rainstorm. During the show, she said it might be the last time she tours, but she did not set anything in stone.

Touring for the Fans, Not Herself

Adele has always toured for her fans, but it has never been something she enjoyed. She does not enjoy the touring lifestyle, and the 25 tour was her greatest career accomplishment. Rumors have been circulating since September that the show in New Zealand would be her final tour.

From wearing a poncho during the concert to having technical issues slow down the show, there were plenty of hiccups to turn anyone off from touring the rest of their life. Adele even joked that she spent two and a half hours in makeup for no reason because it was all destroyed in a matter of seconds by the rain.

Adele does have one more tour in London in July, but after that, it is speculated that she may not tour again.

So far, Adele’s tour has been going for 13 months, and it was her first tour in more than four years and her first time touring in local arenas. For most of those who bought her award-winning albums, it would be the first time they would see Adele live. Many did not realize it might be the only time they ever see her perform live.

At only 28 years old, Adele is a mother and wife and hates the public eye. She suffers from extreme stage fright and tours only for the fans. She knows that her fans gain joy from watching her perform live. She was surprised to find that her tickets for the highly-anticipated tour sold out so quickly.

2016 Grammy Performance

Adele’s 2016 Grammy performance was challenging and she suffered from numerous audio issues while signing “All I Ask.” When she stopped her performance at the 2017 ceremony and asked if she could start again, she explained that she did not want a show like the one she did the year before.

The Finale is set for Wembley Stadium in London with shows scheduled for June and July.

Despite requests, representatives for Adele have not confirmed that she will quit touring after the show in London, but they have not denied her statements either.

Her high-profile flubs in the past make it likely that she will not continue touring. After all, Adele has a less-than-pristine record during tours and live performances in the past — each with an issue or two that made her performance awkward.