Ahmad Khan Rahami Arrested in Connection to the Recent Bombings

Ahmad Khan Rahami Arrested in Connection to the Recent Bombings

The past few days has seen the east coast of the US the target of attacks. New York and New Jersey were the scene of two separate bombings. Improvised explosive devices went off injuring numerous people and leading to panic.

On Saturday evening, at 20:30 pm an improvised bomb went off in the busy neighborhood on Chelsea in Manhattan, New York. 29 people were injured by the explosion. Thankfully, all were discharged from hospital the following day.

There was also an explosion in New Jersey, next to a charity belonging to the Marine Corps. An improvised bomb went off in a trashcan.

Police Find Their Man

Law enforcements have been looking for the person who planted the bombs since the incidents took place. At first, police cordoned off the area and looked for possible leads.

Investigators had a breakthrough when they found surveillance video footage of a man spotted near the scene of the blast. The same man can be seen on a separate recording next to the place where a makeshift bomb was found, four blocks away.

After more confirmation, the police had their suspect. The one believed to be responsible for the bombings is a 28 year old man called Ahmad Khan Rahami.

The two bombings led to panic and terror across two states, so the police were eager to get their man. They issued an alert via cellphones to millions of people in the area of New Jersey. It was an unprecedented move by the police, asking average people to look out for Ahmad Khan Rahami. The suspect was described as “armed and dangerous” in the alert.

This Monday morning, the police found their suspect. Four hours after the alert, they found Rahami sleeping in the doorway of a neighborhood bar in Linden, New Jersey. There was a gun battle between Rahami and the police during which Rahami was wounded. After the shoot-out, the police apprehended Ahmad Khan Rahami and took him into custody.

Rahami’s Actions

The arrest was swift and it helped bring down the level of fear and tension across the two state region. But the investigation is still in its early stages. Investigators are still working to determine what was the cause of the attacks, how the attacker chose its targets and whether or not he was working alone or had received help from others.

The team looked at Mr. Rahami’s actions before and after the two bombings happened to find out his whereabouts. But they are also working on tracing his activities and his travel in recent years.

According to law enforcement, Mr Rahami built all of the devices himself. So it is possible that he had received some kind of training regarding how to build an improvised explosive device. An official close to the case said that on the premise that Rahami made all the devices, he is “a pretty good bombmaker”. He added that it is unlikely that he got so good from reading materials on the internet.

Mr. Rahami had traveled frequently to Pakistan. On one trip to Pakistan, he stayed there for almost a year. Law enforcement said that they don’t yet have any evidence that Rahami had received any military training while he was abroad.

Image source: FBI.