Two Million People Sign Anti-Trump Petition

Two Million People Sign Anti-Trump Petition

About two million people signed a petition on to “make Hillary Clinton president.” Their arguments? The President-elect is “unfit to serve” and Clinton “won the popular vote.” Petition backers hope the Electoral College will consider their wish when they meet on Dec. 19. The petition urged Electors to say no to their states’ votes and send Clinton to the White House.

After saying that Electoral College is an “undemocratic institution,” petition authors added it could nonetheless contribute to a “democratic result.” They also said Clinton supporters would “gladly pay” the fines Electors may face if they vote against their party.

As of Friday morning, the petition had 2,061,354 supporters with 938,646 more to go.

Clinton versus “People’s Will”

The petition also says that Trump should not be commander-in-chief even if it is the “people’s will.” Supporters argue the Democratic nominee won the popular vote, which in their opinion weighs more.

The petition underlines the U.S. Constitution says Electors have the final say on who is going to be the U.S. president. Nevertheless, 24 states bind their Electors to cast their vote as their voters did or there will be fines.

The Electoral College has 538 members, who are usually leaders within their parties. These Electors will cast a vote in their states’ capitol next month. Historically, Electors haven’t strayed from their state’s popular vote.

Nevertheless, the U.S. Constitution does not bind them to vote in any way, but in recent history, there have been just 157 “faithless Electors.” These Electors voted against the wish of their voters.

“We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes,”

petition backers wrote.

Trump a “Danger to the Republic”

They also believe Trump is not qualified to be president because of his “bullying,” hot temperament, and an admitted record of sexual assault. The petition concludes that the Republican is a “danger to the Republic.”

The latest “faithless Elector” was a Minnesotan who voted against presidential nominee John Kerry despite his state’s vote in the 2004 general election. But this election is different there is a high division within both camps.

Before the Election Day, Robert Satiacum, an Elector from the Democratic party in Washington, said he would not back Clinton even if she won in his state. Satiacum is a Native American from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and a Bernie Sanders supporter. He was upset that the “criminal” Clinton didn’t care about his people. Clinton unsurprisingly won Washington by 55 percent of votes. So, if Satiacum keeps his promise in December, the state will fine him $1,000.

Politico reported this summer that a GOP Elector from Texas pledged to go “rogue” and cast a ballot for Clinton regardless of the election’s outcome. But after Nov. 8, he backpedaled saying he would support Trump.

America’s Founders come up with the idea of an Electoral College. Their initial thought was to preserve a fine balance between the majority’s vote and the aristocrats’ vote. Alexander Hamilton said Electors should be “men most capable” of deciding on the qualities of the presidential winner.

Image Source: Wikimedia