Bill O’Reilly Not Returning to Fox News

Bill O’Reilly Not Returning to Fox News

On Wednesday, Fox News Channel officially announced that its biggest star, Bill O’Reilly, will not be returning to his show. The channel reportedly gave up on O’Reilly after some sexual harassment allegations and inappropriate behavior. In his turn, the host also released an official statement about this recent situation.

Bill O’Reilly talks

In the statement, O’Reilly says that the past 20 years which he spent at Fox News have been some of the most beautiful in his life. Also, that he felt very proud to host one of the most successful programs in the world. His show helped build the channel’s reputation and kept the American people informed only with the truth. He called what happened “disheartening” and specified that it is very sad for them to part ways on the basis of some claims. that do not have any truth to them. The host blamed his exposure as a TV star for what happened and said that he will always look back with pride, knowing that he has never done anything wrong.

This is actually the first time Bill O’Reilly talked about the subject since the sexual harassment claims were first reported on April 1st. That report alleged that both O’Reilly and Fox paid about $13 million to five women as settlement. Fifteen years ago, O’Reilly supposedly sexually harassed those women and had an inappropriate behavior. After the report went public, a huge number of advertisers chose to withdraw their ads from his show. About 90 companies reportedly did this and refused to associate their name with O’Reilly’s show.

A more recent claim

However, if those claims were about 15 years old, there is a newer claim from another woman, supposedly dating back from 2013. 21st Century Fox reportedly asked a law firm to investigate those harassment claims. The woman explained that O’Reilly refused to make her a contributor after she refused his advances.

Just last week, the host announced that he was going on a vacation. His show has since been off the air. On Monday, he was supposed to return. However, it now seems like he will not have any show to return to. O’Reilly’s lawyer also issued a statement in which he accuses liberals of campaigning against the host, thus destroying his reputation.

Image source: wikimedia