Breitbart Claims Trump Quietly Reintroduced “Catch and Release” at Border

Catch and Release protocol at borderSince Trump announced that he was running for election, his primary message was about securing the border and managing immigration. Record numbers of people voted for Trump during the Republican primaries, and in winning the presidency, he showed that Americans are genuinely concerned about border security. For this reason, Breitbart is shocking readers by announcing that Trump has quietly reintroduced a policy used by the Obama administration.

On Wednesday, Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas claimed that Trump has reintroduced the “Catch and Release” policy at the southern border. According to Darby, the policy will be continued for the foreseeable future, with no signs that the controversial protocol will be ended.

Agents from Border Patrol agencies are apparently coming forward about the difference between Trump’s public policies and claims and what’s happening behind the scenes. Border Patrol agents had hoped that Trump would remove the protocol from their work, ensuring that those attempting to cross the border were dealt with in a more effective way.

If the claims are true, it means that conservatives throughout the country will become concerned about the future of the Trump administration. While the president has many loyalists in the Republican Party, those who voted for Trump specifically for his immigration policies could be left confused and unhappy.

Regardless of whether the claims are true, however, Trump has definitely lived up to his promises of reducing the amount of people crossing the border. Under his administration, fewer people have successfully crossed the border illegally. Some reports claim that the number of immigrants being caught at the border has dropped by 40%.

Brandon Judd, a Border Patrol agent, spoke to Breitbart Texas about the continuation of the Catch and Release policy. Judd claimed that the US government is still releasing illegal aliens into American communities. He did note that the amount of people being caught has dropped significantly, but that nothing has changed in the way that they deal with immigrants who are caught.

Under the Trump administration, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is currently holding a greater number of illegal aliens that under the Obama administration – however, ICE is still releasing aliens back into US communities, according to Judd.

The Trump administration and the Justice Department both claim that the protocol has ended, but data seems to suggest otherwise. According to a report by The Daily Caller, data taken from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse shows that 39% of illegal immigrants who were caught and given notices to appear in court have been let back into American communities. This means that, while the individuals are required to attend a court hearing to discuss their case, they are given the opportunity to flee and move to another part of the country.

Sanctuary Cities are Coming to an End

In more positive immigration news, however, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that he intends to deny even more federal money for Sanctuary Cities. During a department memorandum sent in mid-May, Sessions that that the Justice Department will begin tailoring grants that “promote a lawful system of immigration.” This would mean that officials will be given the power to withhold federal funds from cities that are currently ignoring demands by the federal government to assist with the removal of illegal immigrants.

Sessions is also unhappy with the Catch and Release policy, and said during an April hearing that under the new Trump era, authorities will no longer be enforcing policies that allow illegal immigrants to flee from justice.