Breitbart Editor Stages Anti-Trump Campaign to Get Revenge on Ex-Reporter

Breitbart Editor Stages Anti-Trump Campaign to Get Revenge on Ex-Reporter

An editor at the right-wing-leaning news site Breitbart News decided to get revenge on a reporter that had left the site to join a rival left-wing news outlet in a very elaborate way.

According to an investigative report, Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, who is in charge with the site’s Washington Political section, schemed a fake anti-Trump campaign just to make former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields lose her new position with the Huffington Post.

Reportedly Boyle talked to a die-hard progressive activist hoping to help him pit progressives against Fields, and question her ability of properly covering Trump for her new, left-leaning employee.

An e-mail the Breitbart News editor sent to the progressive activist days after Fields left her position recently surfaced online. Apparently Boyle drafted a letter saying that the former conservative reporter would not be incisive enough against Trump. The letter was supposed to be submitted by a large group of progressives to Huffington Post’s managers.

Nevertheless, the bizarre campaign has not led to the expected results since the letter was never publicized and the former Breitbart reporter still covers Trump and politics for The Post.

Fields left Breitbart after she had reported that the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign manager assaulted somebody during a rally and her colleagues dismissed her version of the story in subsequent pieces. As a result, she decided to no longer work for the site.

Boyle has hoped that the activist he has involved in his plan would convince more progressives and union groups to sign the open letter. According to the person that revealed the letter, the letter is the editor’s work.


Michelle Fields

The letter states that Trump is a “dangerous” politician, so Fields who has supported him in the past is less likely to properly cover his campaign. In the letter, Boyle requested from Huffington Post to fire Fields.

Boyle also made sure that the letter titled “An Open Letter To The Huffington Post From The Progressive Community” is never traced back to him. He asked the recipient not to unveil his identity and involvement in the issue.

Beside the incriminating subject line – “OFF RECORD — YOU DID NOT GET FROM ME.” – the e-mail included nothing more than the letter itself.

Boyle wrote that Trump became presidential nominee via “name-calling and insult-hurling” and should not be allowed to carry on his “dangerous” policy agenda. Boyle expressed concern that Trump’s policies would lead to the deportation of millions of illegal aliens, leaving their families “torn apart.”

He also criticized the billionaire politician for his campaign on “ban[ning] an entire religion from coming” to the country, and his refusal to release his tax returns.

Boyle declined to comment on the letter, and when he was shown evidence that the email was sent from his personal email address he referred reporters to a Breitbart PR employee. That employee, however, declined to deliver an immediate response.

Boyle added that he is using his personal email address for nearly every job task. But he refused to comment on the anti-Trump sentiments expressed in the letter.

Days before the scandal, the news outlet’s chairman Steve Bannon joined Trump’s campaign and now rumors have it that Boyle might soon follow suit.
Image Source: Wikimedia