Clinton Had No Idea Some E-Mails Were Classified due to ‘Improper Labeling’

Clinton Had No Idea Some E-Mails Were Classified due to ‘Improper Labeling’

The U.S. senator from Virginia and Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine jumped to Hillary Clinton’s rescue on Sunday amid a fresh round of criticism over her “careless” handling of top-secret information during her Secretary of State tenure.

Kaine told the host of ABC’s “This Week” that officials often must handle a huge volume of classified information. So, if someone fails to label an e-mail as classified, there’s little chance a Secretary of State would notice it.

Earlier this summer, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that Clinton has been “extremely careless” in handling the said data. Reportedly, Clinton kept sensitive work e-mail on a private server at her Chappaqua, New York residence rather than on a secure computer provided by the Defense Department from 2009 to 2013.

Correspondence “Improperly Marked”

On Friday, the FBI publicized a July interview with the former Secretary of State. Back then, Clinton complained that she hadn’t been trained on how to handle sensitive information beforehand. Clinton also said that she had received no briefings on how to store confidential federal records during her tenure as the country’s top diplomat.

Kaine added Sunday that there were instances when Clinton received classified information which had been “improperly marked.” As a result, she obviously mishandled the classified material that hadn’t been labeled as such.

The Senator added that lawmakers and federal officials look at so many documents during a day that it is difficult to say about a paragraph or e-mail that it is classified if it lacks a label.

Trump’s Remake of the Watergate Scandal

Kaine also criticized GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for encouraging the Russians to retrieve Clinton’s lost e-mails. In Kaine’s view, Trump’s invitation is no different than the 1972 break-in at the DNC’s headquarters which spurred the Watergate Scandal.

He also noted that Trump has “openly” encouraged Russian hackers to retrieve about 30,000 missing e-mails from Clinton’s controversial server.

“This is serious business,”

Kaine added after he said that this year’s DNC hack was “likely” the work of the Russians.

The Republican nominee, however, invited Russians to recover 30,000 e-mails which the Democratic nominee had described as “personal.” In 2014, she told federal investigators that she decided “not to keep” those e-mails for being private.

The public, however, suspects that Clinton erased the personal correspondence. Clinton’s staff declined she deleted the files.

The FBI’s Findings

The Democratic presidential hopeful has been under fire over the e-mail scandal for more than a year now. The ongoing investigation, however, hasn’t prevented her from obtaining the nomination for this November’s election.

Clinton has repeatedly declined allegations that she used her private e-mail account to receive or send top-secret information. She explained that the DoD prevents officials from handling such data outside secure channels.

On the other hand, FBI reports show otherwise. The agency said that at least 81 e-mails contained classified information. But the final number may be even larger. Over 2,000 e-mail threads probably were classified at the time, according to the agency. Inexplicably, the FBI recommended federal prosecutors to press no criminal charges against her.

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