Dems Donate $675K to FBI Official’s Wife During Clinton Email Probe

Dems Donate $675K to FBI Official’s Wife During Clinton Email Probe

According to a Wall Street Journal investigative report, the Democratic Party funneled more than $675,000 into the campaign of the wife of a top FBI official involved in the Clinton email probe. What’s more, the official got a promotion shortly after.

In the end, FBI Director James B. Comey stated that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server revealed no evidence of wrongdoing. Comey, however, acknowledged the former Secretary of State mishandled classified e-mails, but recommended no prosecution.

The Findings

WSJ journalists revealed Monday that a top Clinton aide, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, helped direct the generous donation to Jill McCabe, the wife of then-Associate-Deputy-Director Andrew McCabe. Mrs. McCabe was eyeing a position in Virginia’s Senate at the time.

Journalists found McAuliffe’s PAC – Common Good VA – donated $467,500, while the rest of the cash was pulled from the Virginia Democratic Party’s coffers. But shortly after the Democrats made the two donations, Mr. McCabe became the number 3 official at the FBI.

The events unfurled while the probe into Clinton’s “use of personal e-mail system,” as the FBI put it, was ongoing. The WSJ report also revealed that Democratic party leaders selected Mrs. McCabe for the 2015 Virginia state Senate campaign. She lost, however, to Dick Black, a Republican.

The WSJ investigation found that the two donations accounted for one-third of the McCabe’s campaign funds.

McAuliffe declined to personally comment on the findings but a spokesperson said the governor backed Mrs. McCabe because he believed she would become a good Senator. The spokesperson added that “any insinuation” that the move had other underpinnings was “ridiculous.”

The FBI denied the allegations. The bureau underscored that their employee kept a low-profile during his wife’s campaign. Mr. McCabe, reportedly, attended no events, did not take part in fundraising, and offered his wife no other type of support in the campaign.

Special Privileges Granted to Clinton

But when Mr. McCabe became Deputy Director on Feb. 1, 2016, he had a direct oversight role in the agency’s Clinton e-mail probe. So, WSJ editors are convinced that “favoritism” influenced the investigation.

The newspaper also found that before the promotion, Mr. McCabe had been in charge of the agency’s Washington, D.C. field office, which probed the “most sensitive case” at the bureau.

The report’s authors speculate that the promotion and donations granted Clinton special privileges during the investigation. For instance, the agency gave immunity to her aides, there was no grand jury, Comrey personally exonerated her publicly, and the agency released some controversial findings when no one was watching – before Labor Day.

In May, another scandal starred Gov. McAuliffe. Federal investigators began a probe into his involvement with a Clinton Foundation contributor, Wang Wenliang. There were suspicions the governor and Wang made illegal donations.

Wang was a member of China’s legislature until last month, but he had to step down amid allegations of running a pay-to-play scheme in his home country. In a 1999 interview, Gov. McAuliffe himself acknowledged that he had met all his business partners through politics.

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