Company Recalls 20,000 Pounds Of Frozen Pizza

Company Recalls 20,000 Pounds Of Frozen Pizza

Earlier this week, the RBR Meat Company issued a recall of over 20,000 pounds of frozen pizza. These were withdrawn from the market due to a potential listeria contamination.

News on the matter was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service. The RBR Meat Company itself detected and announced the recall.

Which Is The Targeted Frozen Pizza Product?

The recall addresses a single product. This is the “Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza”. According to the company, this specific lot was made on February 23rd, 2017.  It bears the establishment number “EST. 1821” and the lot code 20547.

This frozen pizza product comes packed in a 50.6 oz box. The 16-inch shrink pizza is topped with sausage, peppers, pepperoni, onions, and black olives. It was sold at Wal-Mart. Following the recall announcement, the retailer withdrew all such products from its shelves.

The RBR Meat Company recalled a number of 21,200 pounds of frozen pizza. But some of the targeted products were reportedly sold across 11 states. Although the company itself did not offer details on the matter, these emerged from a company within the same facility.

According to it, the Marketside Supreme was sold across California, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and Oregon. Wal-Mart also issued a statement on the matter. According to Molly Blakeman, a company spokesperson, the retailer already withdrew the products.

The company discovered the potential listeria issue during a routine sampling. No illnesses have been linked to the potential health issue.

What Are The Risks Presented By This Frozen Pizza Lot?

Wal-Mart is worried that consumers might have some of this frozen pizza lot products in their freezers. As such, together with the health administration, it issued a warning.

Clients who remember buying the “Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza” should check their product. If it fits the code, description, and lot numbers, they are urged not to eat it. Instead, they should either safely dispose of it. Or they can take it back to their local store.

The recall was issued due to listeria fears. Eating listeria-contaminated food can lead to health problems. For example, it can result in listeriosis which is usually treated with antibiotics. Listeria infections mostly impact older people. They also affect persons with a weak or weakened immune system as well as pregnant women or their newborns.

The most usual symptoms of such an infection are the loss of balance and fever or flu-like symptoms. If consumers exhibit such symptoms after eating products from this frozen pizza lot, they should immediately contact their doctor.

Image Source: Wikimedia