Dangerous Toys Still on the Market Despite Being Recalled

Dangerous Toys Still on the Market Despite Being Recalled

Dangerous toys containing small easily detachable parts or painted with toxic colors are being recalled due to their hazardous potential. However, a group of consumer watchdogs observed that the dangerous toys are still available for sale in the online environment, no warning of their dangerous potential accompanying them.

A recent report made by a group of consumer watchdogs shows that several toys recalled starting January 2015 and ending October 2016 are still on the market. The WASHPIRG Public Interest Research Group Foundation found that some toys which were recalled due to powerful and dangerous magnets and even a high lead composition were still available for purchase.

Even though the recalled toys were cheaper than usual, they were taken off the market for a reason. Lead exposure can cause permanent brain damage to children. The metal can also affect their nervous system and their IQ.

Other items containing small magnets can be easily ingested. If a child swallows two magnets or a magnet and anything metallic, the infant’s intestines could get joined, provoking severe internal injuries.

Bruce Speight, the director of WashPIRG, declared that not all recalls benefited from good publicity, some announcement being featured on a producer’s website, away from the eyes of busy parents.

Speight is urging parents to sweep their houses for recalled goods and stay away from online stores that have a habit of selling the dangerous toys.

The group also found a remote-controlled flying device on one of the online stores, a device which was recalled due to its poor charging chord. A toy-sized glockenspiel painted with paint with a high lead concentration and a pencil case with two detachable magnets were also placed on the list of dangerous toys.

Brian Johnston, the Chief of Pediatrics at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, advises all parents to read toy labels with increased attention and always check for the updated lists of toy recalls. Moreover, parents should inform themselves on the appropriate toys for each age.

For those who prefer to shop online, there are plenty of reviews left by other customers that could help in the decision-making process.

Doctors usually recommend traditional wooden toys or dolls made out of fabric without any small parts that could be swallowed.

Image source: Wikipedia