Democrats Attempt to Sabotage President Trump by Charging Insanity

Democrats Attempt to Sabotage President Trump by Charging Insanity

With the Russian collusion narrative against President Donald Trump failing to lead to anything concrete, Democrats in Congress are now attempting to paint President Trump as unfit for office. Citing the 25th Amendment as the basis for the push, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. has introduced a bill designed to remove the president from the White House.

Co-sponsored by former Democratic Party leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz and almost two dozen other congressional representatives, the bill would establish an “oversight” commission to evaluate President Trump’s fitness for office. Raskin hopes this commission will terminate President Trump’s first term via provisions in the 25th Amendment.

Raskin regularly battles the president on Twitter, including recently bragging about how Maryland is blocking efforts by the Trump administration’s voter integrity commission.

“From his “American carnage” address to this bizarre revenge fantasy, violence pervades the president’s communications,” tweeted Raskin on July 2, 2017.

Raskin was referring to President Trump’s infamous tweet of a parody showing him wrestling a man representing CNN (with a logo instead of a head) to the ground. While many Trump supporters cheered the video as a refreshing, comedic jab at the cable news network, Democrats and many members of the media claimed President Trump was inciting violence against journalists with the imagery.

The Strategy to Paint President Trump as Sick or Mentally Ill

Since the election, Democrats have been promoting a narrative casting aspersions on President Trump’s mental health, including his overall emotional stability. Some have implied that he may be suffering from dementia.

With President Trump’s penchant for inflammatory tweets, Democrats have pounced on his latest Twitter missives as evidence that he needs to be replaced.

While some conservatives have called into question President Trump’s tweeting strategy, others believe the president is purposefully crafting the tweets to keep the media off-balance and distracted – while he moves forward with efforts such as the voter integrity initiative and healthcare reform.

Nonetheless, Democrats see President Trump’s twitter escapades as reason to cast doubt on the president’s mental health. Whether the tweets center around CNN, Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, or North Korea, Democrats cite them as evidence that the 25th Amendment should be employed to remove President Trump from office.

Amendment 25 of the Constitution does not provide any details about the circumstances under which a sitting president can be deemed unfit for office. It simply states the procedures that must be taken if “the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” In part, the vice president must agree to this declaration.

So far, Vice President Mike Pence has remained loyal to President Trump, and even members of the Democratic Party are suggesting that the effort to remove Trump is a longshot at best.

Kucinich Warns Anti-Trump Bill Will Hurt Democrats

Dennis Kucinich, Fox News contributor and former Democratic congressman, told Fox News that this move would only hurt the Democrats.

“It’s a political statement, not a medical statement,” Kucinich explained. “I think it’s destroying the party as an effective opposition.”

He went on to say that the American people are interested in jobs, healthcare, and education, and that “they want American politicians to be constructive, not destructive.”

Calling into question a sitting president’s mental health could potentially backfire on the Democrats for this reason. Additionally, politically correct progressives are generally loathe to “shame” anyone with mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety – a potential sore spot that could lead to a backlash depending on how the removal efforts are marketed.

Despite the bill, President Trump has shown no signs of backing down on Twitter. Following North Korea’s missile launch on July 3, he tweeted in part: “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?”

Even President Trump’s tamer tweets cause controversy. His July 4 tweet of the White House lit up in red, white, and blue generated praise from his base and condemnation from opponents, who mocked the colors as mimicking the French flag. One Twitter user even claimed the red stood for Russia and the white for white supremacy.

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