Democrats Ready to Oppose Spending Bill for Health Act

affordable care act and the House of RepresentativesDemocrats and Republicans are butting heads once again.

This time, Democrats threaten the new spending bill, and state they plan to withhold support for a stopgap bill if Republicans move forward with their plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act reports The New York Times.

Threats of a Government Shutdown Take Center Stage

The past few years have seen more threats of government shutdown than any time before. Now, Democrats are threatening the shutdown over the weekend, because House Republicans need their support to pass spending measures.

Democrats are leveling the playing field, pitting the replacement of the ACA against the spending plan. Friday, April 28th, marks the deadline for the measure of expenditure to keep federal doors open. And the short-term spending plan offered up by Republicans extends the deadline until May 5th to finalize or create yet another stopgap.

Here’s the catch: the measure must receive approval from the Senate and House.

Democrats are not too willing to oblige.

Democrats Speak Out Against “TrumpCare”

The replacement option for the ACA has been coined “TrumpCare,” and Democrats made it clear that if Republicans move forward, they will oppose the Continuing Resolution for spending, says CNN.

Many thought the battle for spending was over, especially with the push of funding Trump’s border wall shoved off to the side. Apparently, Democrats are not done turning things in their favor. Now they want President Trump’s administration to pay for subsidies for low-income earners as part of the deal for the ACA.

The House Rules Committee responded with a rule that lets leaders bring legislation ideas up between now and Saturday the 29th. However, no votes have been scheduled despite the freedom.

House Speaker Ryan, despite the news about the Democratic opposition, feels hopeful that the government will stay open – as it has in the past. Republicans are calling Democrats’ bluff, stating that they would be shocked if Democrats truly went ahead with a government shutdown.

The House Speaker made it clear that Democrats have a lack of alternative deals, and they are dragging their feet to avoid admitting such.

Fiscal Year Coming to an End at a Rapid Pace

Trump’s first year in office is spinning by, and lawmakers are aware of that. After all, their fiscal year ends on September 30th. At that time, the House and Senate need a spending package that funds the government.

Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland states that if the Republicans announce plans to bring their revised bill to the floor on the 28th or 29th as part of the open-season rule, Democrats will oppose the short-term measures for spending.

Hoyer says that Republicans are trying to force bills through the House before members can listen to American people and examine opposition.

Speaker Paul Ryan insists that they are making progress on the healthcare reform and that a long-term spending deal would be found before the deadline.