Exercising May Be The Best Way Of Reversing The Signs Of Aging

Exercising May Be The Best Way Of Reversing The Signs Of Aging

Just recently, a team of scientists proposed a new anti-aging method. According to their study, exercising may be the best way of reversing the signs of aging.

Most present-day cultures try to hide or reverse the signs of aging. As such, they turn to creams, drugs, and even transfusions. However, a new study claims to have found an easier, safer, and healthier method.

Research on the matter was led by Sreekumaran Nair. He is part of the Mayo Clinic. Study results were released earlier this week. They were published in the Cell Metabolism journal. The paper was titled as follows. “Enhanced Protein Translation Underlies Improved Metabolic and Physical Adaptation to Different Exercise Training Modes in Young and Old Humans”.

The study involved two participant age groups. One was in between 18 to 30 years old. The second had 65 to 80 years old members. All the participants were then divided into three mixed groups. Each received a specific training program.

One was asked to perform HIIT. Another group received weight training. The last one was put to perform both training routines. HIIT is the so-called high-intensity interval training.

The research team carried out the tests based on the following idea. As people get older, their cells start losing some of their properties. More exactly, they become less effective at generating energy. This leads to various physical changes associated with aging.

As it is, the team meant to test the relation between exercising and reversing these signs of aging. And according to the study results, HIIT is one of the most effective such methods.

This training session mixes intense with lower-intensity exercises. Whilst these latter are more constant, the intense physical activity routines come in short bursts.

All the study participants had to carry out their designated training for 3 months. They also went through muscle biopsies. These helped the scientists study them at a cellular level.

Aging takes place at this exact same level. The “powerhouse of the cell” or mitochondria start deteriorating with age. However, HIIT exercising was seen to cause an effect even on the mitochondrial level. More exactly, its ability to generate energy received a boost during such training.

Senior participants saw a 69 percent mitochondrial ability increase. Younger study volunteers revealed a 49 percent such boost. Exercising, especially HIIT training, also improved the body’s ability to burn the excess blood sugar.

HIIT and exercising led to positive effects at both a cellular and general level. More exactly, it also helped circulation, lung, and heart activity and health. Participants were also able to inhale more oxygen. Levels rose by 28 percent for the younger ones and 17 percent for the seniors.

The weight training group revealed no respiratory improvements. Nonetheless, both exercise programs led to positive beneficial results. According to Nair, there’s “no substitute” for exercising when it comes to “delaying the aging process”. At least as far as the team knows. They also claim that these same effects cannot be achieved by any medicine.

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