Facial Recognition System Might Save Lemurs

facial recognition system for lemurs

Facial recognition system can help researchers study lemurs

Facial recognition is a system that can identify or verify a person from an image. Generally, it is used to identify passports fraud, to catch shoplifters, and to find criminals. Apparently, researchers have found another use for facial recognition: to identify lemurs.

In order to help lemurs, an endangered species, experts designed LemurFaceID. This is the first system that identifies lemurs with more than 98% accuracy. The experts that created this system mentioned that it works like a normal facial recognition system for people. This is because both lemurs and people have unique facial figures.

The experts also mentioned that they believe this facial recognition system shows a lot of potential. This system can even help them research endangered species. In order to create this system, experts used more than 460 images of 80 red-bellied lemurs and more than 190 images of lemurs from other species.

The specialists mentioned that they use “soft” identifiers for short-term studies. The identifiers include the presence of scars and injuries and the size and shape of the body. This type of method is not suited for long-term studies because the body shape and size might change. This can make it harder for researchers to recognize the animals.

The researchers mentioned that the normal identification procedure consists of capturing and putting a collar on the animal. This can cause stress or injuries and it can cost more than the facial recognition system. The specialists mentioned that this can be a great alternative.

LemurFaceID can help researchers identify the animal faster and therefore they can study it better. This system can help lemurs from getting extinct. For instance, the facial recognition system can help people detect animals that are illegally captured.

This can help researchers and law enforcement identify the captured lemur. This can be a great help for conservationists who try to save this species. The researchers mentioned that this system can help other animals too. The facial recognition system can help researchers identify other animals like bears and raccoons. Despite the fact that the system is not ready to be used yet, it can be a great help for those who want to save the endangered animals.

Did you know that facial recognition systems can help endangered animals?

Image source: Wikipedia