Family of Missing American Student Claims He Was Kidnapped by North Korea

Family of Missing American Student Claims He Was Kidnapped by North Korea

The parents of David Sneddon, an American student who disappeared while traveling in China in 2004, have announced that they believe he was kidnapped by North Koreans. The parents claim their son was taken to teach English in the communist country, and that they believe he is alive and living in the country. The parents supported their claim using circumstantial evidence that has been collected over many years.

Sneddon was last seen in August of 2004, when he was hiking through the Yunnan province of China. Sources inside South Korea and Japan agree with his parents that North Korean agents kidnapped the young man, and that he may even be teaching English to Kim Jong Un – the leader of the communist nation.

Speaking to Fox News, Kathleen Sneddon, his mother, said that they want their son home. She claimed that “Davis was taken on purpose” and that they will never stop looking for him. The Chinese government, however, believes that search might be futile – they say that Sneddon fell to his death when he was hiking through Tiger Leaping George, and that he died by drowning. A body was never found, and family members have since spent time retracing Sneddon’s footsteps through the region. Kathleen Sneddon told Fox that there is “zero” evidence that their son fell to his death and drowned.

How Sneddon Disappeared

Sneddon was an experienced traveler and had spent time working as a missionary in South Korea. He is now the only American since the end of the Second World War who has been missing in China and whose body hasn’t been found.

When Sneddon didn’t meet his brother in Seoul, his family immediately contacted the United States Embassy in Beijing. Kathleen Sneddon claims that an official from the Embassy told her that it is not possible to lose an American in China. Roy Sneddon, the young man’s father, then traveled to China in September of 2004.

The family remained skeptical of reports by the police, and walked the same trail as David to try and find any signs of the missing man. During the journey, the three men showed photographs of David to local people, and some claimed that they had seen a person who looked like him.

A tour guide told the family that he had walked the gorge with Sneddon until they came to a youth hostel, which indicated he did not die during the hike. A café owner also told the family that she had served David, and could remember the food he liked. After this, the family turned the evidence over to the State Department. Kathleen claims that the department simply referred them to the official story from the Chinese government.

Did North Koreans Kidnap Sneddon?

A senior fellow from the Hudson Institute, and an expert on North Korea, said that David was last seen on a route near an underground railroad used by fleeing North Koreans. Melanie Kirkpatrick cited a Japanese news report from September 2016, which claimed Sneddon had been kidnapped to teach English to North Korean officials. The report also claims that Sneddon is alive in Pyongyang, and is married with a family.

Rising Tensions with North Korea

Tension between North Korea and the West is rising, not just because of continued missile test being performed by the communist regime, but because of the treatment of American citizens. Earlier in June, American citizen Otto Warmbier returned from North Korea in a coma after being sentenced to 15 years in prison. He died days later.

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