The First Presidential Debate

The First Presidential Debate

Last night was the first debate of the presidential race. CNN hosted the debate between the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump and the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. The two candidates are almost tied in the race for the White House. Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead, but Donald J. Trump has been gaining momentum.

Either way, there is still some time left until Election Day. Many more things can still happen that can change the course of this election. Also, there are more presidential debates to come, with the two candidates meeting again.

Winning a Presidential Debate

Yesterday was the first of a series debates. As with every presidential debate, the question is who won. Supporters of the two candidates watch the debate and are rooting for their own candidate. But those are voters that have already made up their mind and know who they are going to vote for. Also watching are the ones who haven’t yet made up their mind. The undecided voters that are still looking at where the candidates stand on the issues. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are looking to get the support of these voters. The way things are looking now, neither of them can win on the support of their base alone.

So, looking at the first presidential debate, we are looking at who won the support of those watching. Out of the two candidates which one made a strong argument that he or she would make a good president and better than his or her opponent. Debates are about political ideas and solutions to current problems. Hey are about looking presidential and putting your best ideas forward. But debates are also about style, whether personal or scripted. So we’re going to be looking at the performance of the two candidates on the debate stage.

The Performance of the Two Candidates

Hillary Clinton could have won this election with a decisive win in the first presidential debate. Her performance was good, and many feel that she is the winner of the debate. But it wasn’t extraordinary and she didn’t crush her opponent. Clinton left Donald J. Trump plenty of room to still get more votes. So the campaign form now on is going to be a very close one.

If we’re looking at the debate using more traditional standards, Hillary Clinton did very well. She came well prepared and made good use of arguments and facts. Whenever she launched a new idea for the country, she did with a smile and in a pleasant, contained way. She attacked her opponent several times and analysts say she may have inflicted some damage.

Donald J. Trump seemed unprepared for the debate. He didn’t come in with anything new in terms of arguments or rhetoric. The Republican candidate used the same talking points that he had used on the campaign trail. He had difficulty pacing himself and on occasion started going on a rant.

Looking at the two candidates, Clinton appeared more presidential. But it’s not certain that this will win her the election.  A large proportion of the electorate prefers Donald Trump’s more flamboyant style. It’s really up to the voters what kind of president the next president is going to be.

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