First Trump-Era Coal Mine Opened Near Pittsburgh

First Trump-Era Coal Mine Opened Near Pittsburgh

On Thursday June 8, President Trump hailed the opening of a brand-new coal mine 60 miles outside of Pittsburgh. This is the first coal mine to open in the United States in at least a decade. The grand opening of the Corsa Coal Corporation took place on site, in Somerset County, PA. At the opening, the managers announced that the coal from the mine will be used in steel production, and they plan to create up to 100 full time positions for local workers.

During a televised speech, Trump addressed the people at the ceremony, telling them how thrilled he was to be speaking to them on such an important day.

A Sign of More to Come

While the plans to open the coal mine started before Trump took office, this appears to be a sign of more to come. People attending the ceremony proudly displayed banners which read “Trump Digs Coal,” referring to the president’s campaign promises to bring back coal mining jobs throughout the United States. 200 miners, politicians, and business leaders gathered underneath a tent on top of a new coal pit, with red white and blue banners, and signs reading “Make Coal Great Again.”

In August of last year, Corsa Coal Corp announce that it will be opening a new mine to satisfy the needs of the steel industry, which drove up the prices for American coal.

Promising more openings in the future, Trump said in his televised message that his administration is eliminating regulations that are threatening the creation of new jobs in the United States. He also mentioned the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, which he said would have set the United States back many decades.

The chief economic advisor of the president, Gary Cohn, hasn’t spoken favorably about the opening. As a registered Democrat, Cohn is not popular in traditional conservative and Republican circles – and his view on the Pittsburgh coal mine isn’t shocking. On May 26, Cohn told reporters that mining coal “doesn’t really make that much sense anymore.”

What is Metallurgical Coal?

The new coal mine will be mining metallurgical coal, which makes up only 5-10% of all coal mining and production. This variety of coal operates entirely independently of the usual coal market, which deals in coal that generates power.

Metallurgical coal is also known as coking coal, because it’s used to create coke in the steel and iron-making industry. Coke is a hard piece of concentrated carbon that is produced by heating it without the presence of air, and the price of the substance has skyrocketed since the American steel industry has begun growing.

A More Optimistic Market

The Chief executive of Corsa Coal Corporation, George Dethlefsen, told the press that President Trump has made the mining industry and market much more optimistic. He said that the war against coal is finally over, and that the easing of government regulations and lower taxes means that things look good for coal.

Even Democrats are supporting the move, including Governor Tom Wolf, who has said the opening of the mine was a good step towards bringing jobs back to the state. $3 million was awarded to the opening of the coal mine by the local government, showing trust from local politicians and leaders in the new project. Wolf said that the U.S. has not been capitalizing on the fact that it is one of the leaders in coal supply, but now it is changing.

Trump made the decline in the coal industry a central part of his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.