Giuliani: Biased Media Sweeps Clinton Failing Health Rumors under the Rug

Giuliani: Biased Media Sweeps Clinton Failing Health Rumors under the Rug

When asked why Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in every key poll at both national and state levels, former New York City mayor and current avid Trump supporter, Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani, said that it is because the Democratic media is biased.

The Republican politician told Fox News Sunday that the mainstream media has mysteriously failed to report a secret disease the Democratic presidential nominee has somehow developed.

“She doesn’t need to campaign,”

Giuliani told the Fox News Sunday host.

He explained that news outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, and New York Daily News are running a campaign for her while they “demonize” Trump and fail to report that Clinton hasn’t had a press conference in about 100 to 300 days.

Additionally, the said news sites intentionally keep the fact that Clinton may be sick secret and cover the “several signs of illness by her,” according to Giuliani.

When Fox News anchor Shannon Bream pointed out that the Democratic politician’s doctor had dismissed the rumors by saying that “there’s nothing factual” to the failing health rumors, Giuliani advised her to “go online.”

He suggested googling “Hillary Clinton illness” and check what the Internet has to say about it.

Clinton’s campaign has debunked the constitutional smear shortly after phony medical records for the Democratic candidate had surfaced online. On Thursday, Dr. Lisa Bardack, who is Hillary Clinton’s longtime physician, said that her client is in “excellent health.”

Bardack dismissed the authenticity of the “leaked” medical records that had her name on them. The doctor said that the papers are “false,” lack any medical facts, and they haven’t been written by her. Bardack added in her statement that Clinton is fit to serve as POTUS.

However, on the same day, Trump’s campaign said on MSNBC that the former Secretary of State may be affected by “dysphasia,” a rare neurological disease triggered by brain trauma which can impair speech generation and comprehension.

The theory was pushed by Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson who based her facts on the Democratic nominee’s “behavior and mannerisms” observed in spontaneous videos that have been circulating online.

Even though the MSNBC host briefed Pierson on Dr. Bardack’s recent statement, she was unimpressed. She added that it is worth noting that the Democratic politician “has taken a lot of time off the campaign trail” recently.

Several days ago, Fox News has started speculating on Clinton’s health status by airing some online videos showing the Democratic presidential nominee apparently at a loss of words when faced with a string of rapid-fire questions from the media during local rallies.

Fox News medical correspondent Marc Siegel was quick to say that Clinton showed symptoms of “aphasia” in those videos. Patients affected by the condition need to pause because they’re searching for words or have just lost their words.

The condition is caused by a traumatic brain injury, which Clinton’s campaign have confirmed. But Clinton staffers explained that the former Secretary of State’s 2012 head injury resulted just in a chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) diagnosis, which points to a condition that has been plaguing many NFL football players as well.
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