Grizzly Bear Took Refuge in Abandoned Building

"Grizzly bear"

Grizzly bears are still on the list of endangered animals.

A Grizzly bear took refuge in an abandoned building a couple of days ago in Valier, Montana. The animal was probably scared of the villagers that chased it away from their lands, forcing him to seek shelter until the cover of darkness.

According to the Wildlife and Fish Service, there are more and more grizzly bears descending from the Rocky Mountains and entering towns in search of food. Officials believe that this behavior is linked to the fact that the mammals are now entering their mating season.

The animal that was found on the old farm was previously seen by the locals in the company of a female and a cub. They most likely descended from the Rocky Mountains searching for sources of food. While the female and the youngling disappeared, the male remained in town.

Villagers started chasing him away from their homes, and the grizzly bear took refuge in an abandoned farm. He was found later in the day, sleeping in one of the buildings, probably waiting to make a run for the mountains under the cover of darkness.

The animal was found by Mitch and Catherine Kellog, the owners of a farm 12 miles away from the one in which the grizzly bear took refuge. Catherine stated that when they stumbled upon it, “he was just sound asleep in the corner of the granary.”

Mike Madel, the Montana Wildlife and Fish Service bear management specialist declared that the “bear was totally tuckered out.” When he was asked about the reasons why the animal descended into the town, he said that “bears are actually searching now.”

What are the bears searching for? Shelter and sustenance. Deforestation has severely narrowed the habitat of the mammals; there are fewer food sources now that the bees are massively dying, and the weather wasn’t too kind on the wild berries.

Humans are directly responsible for this bear migration, and the phenomenon should trigger an alarm on the dangers that the North American grizzlies are still facing.

The Service scheduled a meeting in Valier on the 24th of May in order to discuss the growing rate of bears that descend upon the prairie and storm Valier and Conrad. The animals that have been spotted so far were seemed more scared and hungry than violent. There have been no casualties reported yet.

Image source: Pixabay