Home Depot Cofounder on Trump’s Tape Scandal: ‘Come on, get real, Republicans’

Home Depot Cofounder on Trump’s Tape Scandal: ‘Come on, get real, Republicans’

Home Depot cofounder and former CEO, Bernie Marcus, criticized Republicans for their overreaction to the leaked recording on which Donald Trump boasts about groping and forcefully kissing beautiful women. Marcus noted there are more pressing matters than that.

On Monday, Marcus pointed out that America was “not in good shape” as 75 percent of Americans agree in polls. He also mentioned the war on ISIS, which is a “calamity,” and the Middle East conflict.

In the businessman’s view, these are issues the Republican party should be focusing on rather than expressing outrage at what Trump said 11 years ago.

“Come on, get real, Republicans. What is wrong with you? There’s something wrong with you,”

he said Monday in a Fox Business interview.

Marcus was upset with party members such as House Speaker Paul Ryan for rescinding their support shortly after the scandal. On Monday, Ryan told House Republicans he would not revoke his endorsement, but he refused to campaign with Trump.

Marcus, however, acknowledged Trump is not his first choice for President of the United States. He explained he stands by the candidate simply because he has no other option. The former Home Depot chief executive explained Trump is not politician material since he’s not “articulate” and fails to be “smooth” when doing politics. Marcus concluded the GOP presidential nominee is not a politician because he’s a businessman.

Nevertheless, he added he supports Trump simply because he cannot “envision” the billionaire’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. Marcus also said he couldn’t back what Clinton is planning to do to the country’s economy.

In a prior interview, the businessman said America would “go down the drain” if the Democratic candidate won the elections.

Marcus along with Arthur Blank and Pat Farrah founded the home improvement chain in 1978. Marcus also served as the company’s first chief executive for 19 years. Plus, he was chairman of the chain’s board of directors until 2002, when he announced his retirement.

Marcus’ Endorsement of Trump

On June 1, 2016, he formally endorsed Trump for U.S. president in a letter published on Real Clear Politics. In the letter, he said he chose to back Trump because the the fate of the country lies with electing him as POTUS, and not Clinton.

Marcus noted he knows Trump, even though he doesn’t have a close friendship with him. In his opinion, the real estate entrepreneur would start from “Day One” to “undo the damage” the current administration has inflicted upon the nation.

Marcus also pledged to help Trump at every turn of his campaign.

Even though Real Clear Politics correctly mentioned Marcus is the co-founder of Home Depot, some people who shared the letter incorrectly said he was still serving as the company’s CEO.

This triggered a huge backlash from some Home Depot customers who said they would no longer shop at the chain’s locations. In response, Home Depot took to social media to underscore that Marcus was not speaking on behalf of the company since he retired 14 years ago.

Image Source: Wikimedia