Infant Miraculously Survives Car Crash, Ends Up in Drain

Infant Miraculously Survives Car Crash, Ends Up in Drain

Last Friday, a child managed to miraculously survive a car crash that should have been fatal. The little girl was ejected from the car, rolled down a hill, and landed in a storm drain. When first responders got to the scene, the infant was conscious and responsive.

The car accident took place on Friday night on Interstate 30, Arkansas. It seems that the collision was caused by a truck driver who sideswiped the family car, causing a powerful impact, sending the infant flying into the air.

The little girl was in a car with four other family members when a truck driver changed lanes without checking to see if there was another incoming vehicle. When the family car flipped over, the toddler was sent out of the window, flying into the air.

After they had managed to get out of the car, the other accident survivors tried to search for the 8-month-old child, but their efforts were in vain.

When rescuers finally arrived at the scene, they extended the search perimeter and found the toddler in a storm drain, 25 feet away from the accident site.

According to Josh Moore, one of the Texarkana firefighters that responded to the emergency call, the little girl was fully conscious, sitting up and waiting for somebody to take her out of the drain.

Firefighters believe that after the girl was ejected from the car, she rolled down the hill and ended up in the drain. Even though it took the collective efforts of three firefighters to get her out of the drain, the toddler only had a couple of scratches.

As KSLA reports, Charlie Smith, Texarkana Fire Captain declared that the girl’s miraculous survival brings a positive vibe, especially now that the holiday season is here.

Moreover, Moore stated that divine intervention was at play since the girl only walked out with a few scratches after being tossed from a moving car and ending up in a ditch, 25 feet away from the accident site.

According to the authorities, this was possible because the child seat was not properly attached and the child’s restraints were not fixed. However, the family did not receive any citation for this oversight.
The truck driver, on the other hand, received a citation for unsafe and improper lane change.

Image source: Flickr