ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack in London

London attackThe London Attack that claimed several dozen individuals on March 22, 2017, has been attributed to ISIS, reports Fox News.

There were two people killed in the attack, and the injured toll has increased to 30 from the initial reports of 20. The perpetrator of these attacks was an Islamic State soldier. He carried out the attack in response to ISIS propaganda that encouraged soldiers to target citizens of ISIS enemies.

The claim from ISIS came 24 hours after the man began his attack in London. The attacker was pronounced dead at the scene after the police shot him just outside the Parliament’s grounds.

Attacker Identified

The attacker was identified as 52-year old Khalid Masood, a British man. Masood had not been the subject of any terror-related investigations, and there was no intelligence collected about his potential to conduct a terrorist attack.

Masood was born in Kent and had been living in West Midlands. He did, however, have previous convictions for violent acts. Immediately after the attack, and after ISIS had claimed that they were behind it, British police raided multiple areas and arrested eight people in response.

An American was among the dead, and a woman from Spain as well as a police officer of the Parliament were victims in the attack. The rest of the victims were from a variety of countries, and there are still seven in critical condition.

A tweet from the ISIS news agency, Amaq, said that the attacker was a soldier of their efforts and that his actions inspired ISIS. Furthermore, ISIS has only claimed credit, but they have no evidence for links to them and the assailant. Therefore, there is no proof at this time that they were truly behind the attacks.

The NY Times reported that the British intelligence agency MI5 had previously investigated the assailant for possible ties to violent extremism, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Victims from Around the World

The victims in the attack were from countries that include South Korea, France, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the United States, and Romania. There were 12 Britons among the victims, and three were French high school students visiting the country. The American was a man from Utah who was on vacation with his wife, celebrating their 25th anniversary in London. The American man was identified as Kurt Cochran. He died of his injuries sustained in the attack, and his wife was wounded in the attack with a broken leg, a broken rib, and a cut on her head.

Most of the victims have not been identified, and the police are working on concluding their investigation as well as identifying the victims and notifying their family members before releasing their names to the press.

Keith Palmer, a 48-year old member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, was among the dead. He was a 15-year veteran and died protecting the grounds. The assailant fatally stabbed Palmer just before the assailant was shot and killed by other members of the command.