ISIS Says Trump is a “Foolish Idiot”

ISIS versus TrumpISIS is not a fan of the United States. Everyone knows it.

Now, however, they have shared their thoughts on Trump.

Despite what President Trump might think of himself, ISIS calls the free country’s new leader a “foolish idiot” during a 37-minute speech.

The speech by an ISIS spokesman Abu Hasan al-Muhajir was released April 4, 2017. The speaker referred to America as bankrupt and on the brink of demise.

He also stated that there was a significant sign that America was “ruled by a foolish idiot.” The message was distributed via social media and through other ISIS support forums online.

Not the First ISIS Insults Aimed at Trump

While powerful, this is not the first-time ISIS has said anything negative about Trump.

In fact, in February a different ISIS leader taunted Trump knowing that it would gain a rise from him. There was also an audio message where an AQAP leader stated that the “new fool” of the White House received a slap in the face after the disastrous raid in Yemen in January.

The Yemen raid resulted in the death of 12 civilians and 14 enemy fighters. Three United States Navy SEALs were injured, and one died in the attack.

ISIS sent their message in response to the numerous attacks from Trump. Trump’s biggest promise to America is to stop ISIS.

U.S.-backed forces have been fighting to retake ISIS-held regions, including Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria. Most of these conflicts have ended with numerous civilian casualties — most of which are avoidable.

Because of the success of the current coalitions, Trump has been exploring ideas for accelerating the coalition in the Middle East. Iraqi officials confirm that the project is successful so far.

Further, experts agree that taking back Mosul, which is an ISIS stronghold, would be a major defeat to the terrorist group.

Once Mosul is recaptured, smaller battles will ensue within city limits. Experts believe that an underground fight is likely to happen upon invasion.

While U.S. and Iraqi officials gaining ground in Iraq, the war’s affect on civilians has been significant: more than 430,000 have been displaced due to the offensive in Mosul. Mosul is Iraq’s second-largest city, so it is no surprise that the numbers are so high.

This is the highest migration rate since the operation launched. The Ministry of Migration and Displacement, headed by Minister Jassem al-Jaff, said that 70 billion Iraqi dinars were set aside for refugees in the recaptured zones.

While Iraqi forces have retaken eastern Mosul, they are struggling to take over the western end. Thousands of civilians have fled the area, especially with ISIS targeting innocent civilians in their desperate fight.

Until Mosul is fully retaken, more civilians are likely to flee the city.

Trump has not disclosed his plans for accelerating the coalition action, but if he stays true to his word, the western end of Mosul might be retaken faster than initially expected.