Joe Biden Calls Trump “Painfully Uninformed”

Joe Biden Calls Trump “Painfully Uninformed”

Vice president Joe Biden is lending his support to the Clinton campaign. He is putting in the effort, trying to raise the levels of enthusiasm in the Clinton camp. The Clinton campaign has suffered in the past months from a perceived lack of engagement, especially with young voters. So the campaign is bringing in the winners of 2008 and 2012 to remind voters of what is at stake.

Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail, building on the success from the first presidential debate. Joe Biden is also making appearances at campaign rallies, showing support for Clinton and attacking the Republican candidate.

Donald Trump “Painfully Uninformed” Says Biden

Joe Biden was at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton hosted by Drexel University in Philadelphia. The event was right after the first presidential debate between the two candidates. Biden didn’t pull any punches when it came to Donald Trump. He attacked the Republican candidate both on the statements that he made during the debate and on his performance.

The current vice president seems to be on a mission to not let something like Trump becoming the next president happen. When he speaks he is convinced that Donald J. Trump would be a terrible thing for the country. At the rally in Philadelphia he called Trump “painfully uninformed” about the issues. He expressed his opinion that Trump is not prepared when it comes to things that are important about the presidency. Also, he expressed his disbelief at the way the Republican candidate talks about the economy.

His tone seemed to be exasperated when he spoke about the way Donald J. Trump runs his campaign. Biden said that there is something that bothers him even more than Trump’s policies that would hurt the country. That is the blatant cynicism about the American people that Trump displays.

Joe Biden Attacks Trump’s Comments

Biden sometimes spoke in a quiet tone and sometimes joked. But sometimes he raised his voice in outrage when spoke out against statements Trump had made about the economy. During the presidential debate, Trump had once more insisted that not paying federal income tax is a sign of how smart he is. Joe Biden repeated the statement of the Republican candidate and added that such a view is very different from how middle-class Americans feel.

Another criticism directed at Donald Trump referred to his statements about the housing bubble. In 2007, as the housing market was crashing, Trump said that what was happening was good for business. The vice president slammed Trump for implying that people losing their homes is good for business. Joe Biden pointed out how cynical this view was, even for a billionaire businessman. He said that his time spent in politics covered the terms of eight American presidents, both Democrat and Republican. He acknowledged that there are many differences between the two sides of the political aisle. But that even someone like Ronald Reagan would not have been “rooting for misery”. He asked the crowd rhetorically what does it say about Donald Trump that he did.

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