Le Pen and Macron Face Off in France

Le Pen versus MacronOver the weekend, French voters will return to the polls in the second round of voting.

This time, the election caught global attention. Marine Le Pen, a visible figure in the far-right crowd of Europe, is one of two that is in line for the top French political seat. Her rival, however, is centrist Emmanuel Macron, who seems to break significantly from the past.

Sunday Comes the Big Vote

On Sunday, voters will cast their vote for the new president of France, says The Washington Post. The polls start at 8:00 am and run until 7:00 pm local time. Some areas have extended voting into 8:00 pm. The exit polls will be released quickly afterward, and the final results in a few hours.

The candidate that has the most votes that day is then inaugurated into the presidency in a ten-day period.

Marine Le Pen Performs Poorly at Debate

Many feel that the candidate Emmanuel Macron is certain to be the next president of France. During the single debate against Marine Le Pen, a far-right nationalist and socialist, he came out unscathed and a clear winner per the Daily Beast.

If he is elected successfully on Sunday, the effect on global politics is enormous. However, no one is sure which candidate would be better for the global perspective.

Who is Marine Le Pen?

Marine Le Pen comes from the nationalist movement, the National Front. She is a high-profile figure and expected to lead the party that her father established in 1972. At age 48, she has struggled to move the party from their far-right core. However she has gained support for the party from women and younger voters.

Le Pen is anti-everything, including anti-America, anti-European Union, and anti-immigrant. She does support Putin and Trump and wishes to close the country’s borders permanently.

Policies for Le Pen include removing from the Euro, restricting immigrants, and stopping all free movement at the border.

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Emmanuel Macron comes from the En Marche movement or the Onward movement. Macron, a former investment banker, attended elite schools and became a socialist. Already he is the voice of radical centrism. At age 39, he hopes to be the youngest person ever to become the president of France.

If elected, Macron plans to lower taxes, expand health care, and enact friendlier policies. One item to note is that Macron will set back Russia’s plans to divide and weaken American and European democracies because Macron has no intention of exiting the Euro. Instead, he plans a more united front with the European Union.

Who is Likely to Take the French Presidential Election?

For now, polls indicate that Macron holds favoritism over Le Pen. Some estimate a lead of more than 20% and the polls were accurate in the first round of voting – unlike the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Fake News Now Influencing the French Election?

Breitbart News reports that Paris prosecutors now investigate whether the fake news has threatened to affect the presidential election too.

Emmanuel Macron sued just hours after Marine Le Pen suggested that the former banker had an offshore account. She was referring to published forgeries found online just a few hours before the debate. Le Pen then was accused of citing fake news and that Macron never had a bank account or tax haven.

Le Pen dropped the allegation when authoritative news sources debunked rumors. However, prosecutors launched a probe into the forgery and the spreading of false news to see if one party is attempting to sway the vote in their favor.