Mayors of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Vow to Shield illegals from Deportation

Mayors of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Vow to Shield illegals from Deportation

Several Democratic mayors of the so-called sanctuary cities pledged to protect illegal aliens from deportation. Mayors want to sooth undocumented migrants in their cities who now fear that a Trump administration would carry out the president-elect’s deportation plan.

But Donald Trump had expected opposition. So, he threatened mayors he would withdraw millions of dollars in taxpayer money if they refused cooperation.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, Seattle mayor Ed Murray, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and other Democratic mayors recently reassured residents in “sanctuary cities” that they’d spare no effort to protect them from deportation. A “sanctuary city” is a municipality that traditionally adopts policies to protect illegal aliens that reside and work there.

On Monday, mayor Murray noted his city has been “welcoming” to migrants.

“The last thing I want is for us to start turning on our neighbors,”

he said.

Other Mayors Join the Chorus

Providence mayor Jorge Elorza (D) declined to hold undocumented immigrants charged as federal immigration authorities had asked. It is worth noting that Elorza’s parents were Guatemalan immigrants. Newark mayor Ras Baraka (D) in New jersey agrees with Elorza. Baraka thinks Trump’s immigration proposed policies are ‘scary.’

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a recent interview that he will continue to not interfere in immigrant issues. Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) agreed with Beck but refused to call his city a ‘sanctuary city.’

Before Mayor Jim Kenney’s arrival in office, Philadelphia lost its sanctuary status. But Kenney (D) said in January that he would shield his residents regardless of their legal status.

Earlier this year, Trump vowed to crack down on “sanctuary cities.” Also, he said authorities who fail to comply will lose federal money. Trump thinks the sanctuary status was behind “many needless deaths.”

The billionaire, however, did not provide more details on the plan. On Sunday, he said in a CBS interview that his administration would deport only illegals with a criminal record and secure the border. After the border is secured, Trump administration will “make a determination” of those who haven’t committed any crimes, Trump said.

Even though the president-elect clearly stated he would deport only criminals, all illegal immigrants are now concerned about the future.

A Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities is Problematic

Sanctuary cities not only refuse to collaborate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They take real measures to help illegal immigrants to reside in the U.S. For example, San Francisco authorities issue local IDs to enable them to access government services.

Other safe havens for illegal aliens instruct law enforcement and other employees not to make pressures on anyone to reveal immigration status. In some cases, witnesses and crime victims refuse to cooperate with police if they fear deportation. The sheriff office in Washington’s King County said they do not want to make people afraid to talk to them.

What’s more, it is very likely that these cities will not cooperate with Trump on immigration because there is no law requiring them to enforce federal regulation. Also, police are not required to question anyone on their immigration status. So, the new administration may have to first deal with cities and other municipalities that refuse ICE requests.

Image Source: Wikimedia