McDonald’s Making a Surprising Change to How They Do Burgers

McDonald's burgersMcDonald’s burgers might undergo a significant change in just a few months.

The fast-food chain announced that they are moving toward “fresh,” which includes replacing their frozen beef patties with freshly made beef hamburgers. Soon the chain plans to add their “never-frozen” meat to 328 facilities in North Texas, reports AOL.

Initially, the company tested their never frozen option at 75 locations throughout Oklahoma and 14 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Not All Burgers Will be Fresh

While the company has announced that they want more refreshing options for customers, they did state that they will only offer the “fresh” options on their McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, which includes the Quarter Pounder with cheese, Double Quarter Pounder, and the Bacon Clubhouse option.

An Impressive Expansion for the Fast Food Industry?

The move to fresh patties is impressive by one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. However, they are not the first to use fresh patties and will not be the last. It does mark a change in the industry, especially as more consumers move toward fresh options rather than frozen.

Wendy’s, however, has been using fresh beef as their unique selling point over McDonald’s. As the company’s largest competitor, McDonald’s making a move toward fresh burgers could create a change in competition.

The Challenges of Going Fresh for McDonald’s

McDonald’s is notorious for their frozen foods, including the questionable frozen chicken nuggets used in their restaurants. Now, switching to beef will be a huge challenge for the company, but it might pay off as long as they do it correctly.

For starters, McDonald’s has been working hard to revamp their public image and become friendlier to those who want real food that tastes great.

Finding suppliers will be the most difficult part for McDonald’s because they are a chain that has relied heavily on a massive network of vendors who solely make, freeze, and ship beef to McDonald’s 14,000 locations in the United States.

Expanding to fresher options would mean that McDonald’s would need to find a supplier that could meet their demands and have the quality control to go along with it.

Mobile Ordering Soon to Hit the United Kingdom

Mobile is big around the world, especially in the United Kingdom and the U.S.

In another surprising announcement, McDonald’s stated that they will soon bring mobile ordering to the U.K. While you might order online, your food still is not made until you arrive at the restaurant to ensure safety.

However, customers can order from select locations, pay, and then arrive to pick up their meal. The same feature was enabled for the United States, but it is only available for select locations during this initial test.

Once the app is installed, UK users will have 22 restaurants that they can order via their mobile phone. Customers in both countries must present a QR code at the restaurant’s Mobile Order Check in Point. After scanning the code, the restaurant will begin making the order.