N. Korea Threatens to Attack U.S. From “Ground, Air, Sea and Underwater”

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea has threatened the U.S. with a ‘merciless ultra-precision strike from ground, air, sea and underwater’.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un told the United States that his country would attack its troops in South Korea if it didn’t end military drills in the region. The U.S. army’s joint military exercises with its South Korean ally apparently irked Pyongyang so much that they threatened to order a “merciless” attack on U.S. troops.

Kim Irked by the Military Drills

The statement was released through the state-sponsored propaganda outlet KCNA on Monday. The media outlet said the country’s leader was increasingly upset with the military ops near his country’s southern border.

Kim reportedly said that if the two nations infringe North Korea’s “sovereignty and dignity” he would personally order a “merciless ultra-precision strike” against them. On March 11, U.S. and many South Korea carrier-based aircraft slid past North Korea’s territorial waters and air in preparation of military drills of making surprise attacks on North Korean targets, KCNA said.

The North Korean leader’s threats came one day after an U.S.-led aircraft carrier “strike group” joined South Korean troops for joint military exercises. Last year, Seoul panicked when North Korea performed two nuclear tests and multiple missile launch tests. Now, North Korea thinks the U.S.-led convoy was involved in a “reckless scheme” to retaliate against the country.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Navy said the military drills have nothing special about them as they are regular exercises the two countries jointly perform. The U.S. army didn’t link the drills to the recent hostile activity from North Koreans.

North Korea Thinks South Korea is Preparing for War

Last week, North Korea’s army fired several ballistic missiles in response to the annual joint military operations between the United States and South Korea. North Korea thinks the two nations are preparing for war.

Pyongyang is concerned that the assassination of Kim’s half-brother last month has prompted Washington to take military action against the communist regime. In addition, China is also opposing U.S. military presence in South Korea. The Chinese, who are supporting Kim’s regime, want to see a U.S. anti-missile system in South Korea gone.

The U.S. says the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system is designed to protect South Korea, but Beijing thinks the system’s tremendously powerful radar can compromise its national security. The U.S. army deployed the system last week, shortly after North Korea’s last missile tests.
Image Source: Flickr