O’Reilly Slams Megyn Kelly for Opening Up on Ailes’ Harassment

O’Reilly Slams Megyn Kelly for Opening Up on Ailes’ Harassment

Bill O’Reilly slammed his colleague at Fox News Megyn Kelly for opening up on the fact that the network’s founder Roger Ailes had sexually harassed her many years. O’Reilly thinks Kelly is disloyal to the network and just makes Fox News “look bad.”

On CBS’ “This Morning,” Kelly back fired. Just a day after O’Reilly’s comments, she said that Ailes made the network look bad. The Fox News anchor is just one of the many women who accuse the former Fox News CEO of sexual harassment.

On Tuesday, O’Reilly declined to comment on Kelly’s new book which details the alleged harassment.

“I’m not interested in making my network look bad,”

O’Reilly said during the “The O’Reilly Factor.”

In addition, the TV personality dedicated the entire “Tip of the Day” segment to employee loyalty. He said that if someone has you on a payroll you owe that person or firm “allegiance.” He did not mention Kelly but the context suggested he dedicated the entire segment to her. “Factor tip of the day: Loyalty is good,” O’Reilly concluded.

Kelly, on the other hand, said she had spoken to the network’s current chief executive Rupert Murdoch before airing allegations. She also reportedly had a discussion about the book with Murdoch’s son Lachlan Murdoch, who serves as News Corp’s executive chair.

On Wednesday, she said she was “very proud” of discussing with the two executives the controversial chapter in her memoir. According to Kelly, both men agreed that the chapter was “important” and it should be included.

In the book, Kelly recounts how Ailes harassed her sexually on numerous occasions. Ailes allegedly made inappropriate remarks but also tried to forcefully get physical with the Fox News anchor. Kelly claims that in 2006 he tried to kiss her thrice after he called her in his office. But because she refused, he asked her about her contract’s expiration date. Ailes responded the allegations are “categorically” false.

On Wednesday, Kelly commented on O’Reilly’s advice that she should have better complained to the human resources or just “left.” She said she briefed a manager about Ailes repeated attempts, but the manager advised her to “avoid” him. The supervisor also said his boss “was likely smitten” and brushed the whole deal off.

She did avoid him though. She once said in an ABC interview that a man can harass a female employee and the two can still have a good working relationship.

“That is what happened in my case.”

she added.

This summer, Gretchen Carlson who worked for Fox News sued Ailes for sexually harassing her. Carlson said Ailes made unwanted sexual advances and harassed many other women in the newsroom. Ailes had to step down after other Fox News employees came forward with similar allegations. Two months ago, the former Fox News boss settled with Carlson for $20 million.

When asked why she did not open up on the issue earlier, Kelly said it would have crushed her career. She thinks the move would have been a “suicide mission.”

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