Introducing Period Emojis to Fight Menstruation Taboo

Introducing Period Emojis to Fight Menstruation Taboo

Most women still find it embarrassing to talk about their periods, although it is a normal physiological process which should not be the subject of social stigma. An organization from UK decided it was high time the situation changed, so they ask for the introduction of a period emoji, to make it easier for women and girls to talk about that time of the month.

Helping women talk about their periods

Plan International UK came up with this idea right ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day, which falls this Sunday. Since there are so many emojis symbolizing so many objects and events, they thought it wouldn’t be odd to introduce a new one and help women better express how they were feeling during period days.

The organization analyzed a poll where women answered how they felt about having their period. Results showed that two thirds of the interviewed women did not feel comfortable talking about menstruation with their fathers or male friends, a quarter of them would not talk on the subject with their female colleagues at work, while more than one in ten would not even share the information with their female friends.

Introducing period emojis

Therefore, Plan International UK designed four emojis to help fight this social taboo. These include a pair of panties, a pad, and a notebook with several blood drops on them, a uterus, and three animated blood drops, one wearing a happy face, one a sad face, and the last one an angry face. These will be put up for voting on social media, and the winning designs will be submitted to the emoji ‘council’ in California.

When questioned about it, around half of the young women and girls who answered the survey said they would use such an emoji. It is highly important to normalize menstruation from a social point of view, as it is a normal biological process and no woman or girl should feel ashamed for having her period.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons