Peter Thiel: Trump’s Words Should be Taken “Seriously,” Not “Literally”

Peter Thiel: Trump’s Words Should be Taken “Seriously,” Not “Literally”

On Monday morning, the billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel explained why he still backs Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In Thiel’s view, the real estate billionaire would be less controversial if the press just stopped taking his words “literally” instead of “seriously.”

Fortunately, the candidate’s supporters take him seriously, Thiel said. The tech investor also thinks that Trump represents a phenomenon that “isn’t crazy and it’s not going away.” Thiel described the candidate as an “outsider” who could help politicians who have lost touch with America’s realities to get back on track.

Trump’s Popularity Explained

He believes today’s politicians had hoped for a presidential race between “political dynasties,” but Trump was a big surprise. According to Thiel, the political dynasties pushed America into two major crises: the Dotcom stock bubble in 2000 and the real estate crash paired with economic recession nearly a decade later.

The tech billionaire believes Trump’s popularity lies with the general frustration Americans feel towards career politicians. And that sentiment will not go away even if the Democratic candidate Hillary R. Clinton won.

Nevertheless, Thiel said he doesn’t like all of Trump’s actions or comments. He called the lewd remarks on women the candidate had made on a hot mic in 2005 “clearly offensive.” Also, he said he doesn’t agree with the candidate on Muslims “in every incidence.”

Still, the billionaire criticized mainstream media for how it covers Trump. Thiel thinks the press does not take the GOP nominee “seriously,” but takes his eyebrow-raising remarks “literally.”

His supporters, however, know how to read between the lines. So, this doesn’t mean the candidate will actually build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. But he will enforce more realistic and “saner” immigration reforms, the investor said.

Thiel doesn’t believe Trump is a humble person, but his “larger-than-life” attitude garners a lot of attention. In addition, he believes the “big things” Trump touts could bring a “much-needed dose of humility” in America’s politics.

America’s Challenges According to Thiel

Thiel acknowledged current policies benefited Washington and Silicon Valley the most. By contrast, “most Americans” don’t have the standard of living in the San Francisco Bay or the Beltway.

The tech entrepreneur believes economic and trade legislation have partially gutted the U.S. economy. These regulations forced many factories to close and pushed jobs overseas. This is why many people voted for Bernie Sanders and many others would back Donald Trump, Thiel added.

He deemed Sanders an “outsider” too and revealed he had hoped Sanders would race against Trump in the general election. The two candidates have distinct views on what caused the country’s economic meltdown and come up with different fixes. The debate would have been “very different.”

In this Monday’s press conference, Thiel criticized other aspects that plague America such as rising healthcare costs and lack of savings opportunities for baby boomers. He also noted that Millennials struggle with college debt and lack of job opportunities. Plus, the current administration has put trillions of dollars in unnecessary wars in the Middle East and Africa.

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