‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Drives Washington Gunman to Open Fire in Restaurant

‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Drives Washington Gunman to Open Fire in Restaurant

On Sunday, a 28-year-old man carrying an assault weapon entered a Washington pizza restaurant and suddenly opened fire. The man told police that he was there to investigate a conspiracy theory aka Pizzagate about a paedophilia ring run the Clinton family was running out of the restaurant’s basement.

Fortunately, the incident had no casualties.

Metropolitan Police Department said they arrested the man who resides in Salisbury, North Carolina. Authorities identified the suspect as Edgar Maddison Welch. According to arrest records, Welch carried an “assault rifle” at the time of his apprehension. He did not oppose arrest.

Police said they found a second weapon inside the pizzeria and a third one in the suspect’s car. Witnesses said they saw the gunman entering the location and pointing the rifle at an employee. The worker was able to find shelter and call police. The MPD said he opened fired inside of the location and fired an undetermined number of times before the police arrived at the scene.

‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory

The man told investigators in an interview that he was there to run a ‘citizen’ investigation into the Pizzagate controversy. The 4Chan community created Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which went viral on the internet last month. In November, Twitter users sent about 1 million tweets bearing the PizzaGate hashtag.

According to the imaginary story, the Clintons are running a covert child sex ring from the Washington business. Reportedly, other top-ranking Democrats and donors are involved in the ring. The story became viral especially among alt-right circles and other Trump supporters. So, dozens of people slammed the restaurant on social media with threats and curious stories about child sex abuse.

On top of that, two female customers checked the pizzeria’s patio last month. They said they were banging on the patio to find the location of the tunnels the Clintons are using to traffic kids.

One of the women said that the ring uses underground tunnels to transport children back and forth for their “rituals.”

“They are putting a lot of curses and spells over the city,”

the woman said.

She added that nearly all the missing children in D.C. fell victim to the child sex ring.

Business Owners’ Response

The restaurant owners dismissed the theory and noted that the place doesn’t even have a basement. They added that the story may be a form of revenge for having supported Clinton on the campaign trail. In addition, they told reporters that conspiracy theorists harassed their employees multiple times. Bullies reportedly harassed and threatened the manager so bad his wife asked him to resign.

Experts explained the conspiracy became viral because of several incidents that fueled suspicions of child abuse involving politicians. For instance, Bill Clinton once used the private plane of serial child molester Jeffery Epstein. Moreover, John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, has close ties with a Republican who once admitted he abused boys. Furthermore, on the other side of the Atlantic, a serial child abuser Jimmy Savile got away with his crimes in the U.K.

Image Source: Pexels