Porsche Breaks Record on Nürburgring with the New 991.2 GT3

Porsche Breaks Record on Nürburgring with the New 991.2 GT3

Porsche proved that they hold confidence in their cars during the Nürburgring Nordschleife, when they sent the fresh 991.2 GT3 on the lap shortly after it finished the assembly process. This was a wise decision, as the car won the record held by the previous generation in the series and surpassed it by 12.3 seconds.

991.2 GT3 beats the previous record of its generation

Although some blamed Porsche for rushing and sending a car on the Nürburgring race so quickly after release, they showed everybody that they made the right decision. The new Porsche 991.2 GT3 scored a time of 7 minutes 12.7 seconds, thus beating the previous record held by the 991.1 generation.

Porsche revealed that they succeeded in beating this record thanks to the perfect conditions on the track. The air temperature was of 46 degrees, which was ideal for the car. Also, the asphalt was around 56 degrees hot, which worked fine with keeping the heat in the tires.

The car was equipped with Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires and featured rear-axle steering and a PDK with seven speeds. If this was not enough, the one who drove the car was Porsche’s professional test driver Lars Kern. All of these contributed to one of the most beautiful races in the history of the car manufacturer.

Porsche produced a vehicle resembling a race car

Frank-Steffen Walliser, the company’s Vice-President, declared that they had made a great achievement. Some time ago, scoring such a time was unimaginable if you were not driving a true race car. Now, they succeeded with an everyday car which, at first glance, does not strike with its power. More precisely, the car is equipped with a 4.0-liter engine with 500 hp and six speeds available on manual transmission.

“The new GT3 can now achieve this with comparatively modest power, but is still fully suited to everyday use.”

Therefore, Porsche produced a car suitable for any kinds of roads. You can either opt for a leisurely ride, or put it at test and practice its race skills.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons