President Trump Inspires People to Be Great Again

President Trump Inspires People to Be Great Again

A new self-help phenomenon has appeared that has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. People, inspired by President Donald Trump, have decided to make themselves great again.

The trend first started making rounds on Reddit in The Donald sub group during the 2016 election. A user named “PoshBarbaricFlush” submitted a post titled: “In the past four months, I’ve turned my life around, and I want to give credit to Donald Trump. Please read.”

He explained that the phrase “Make America Great Again” inspired him.

“Such a simple phrase. Four little words. But they hit home,” he wrote. “I said to myself, “Can I help make America great again?” And a realization hit me. The way to make America great again is to make Americans great again. And there’s only one American I can make great, and that’s me. Just me. I have to make myself great.”

Inspired by then-candidate Donald Trump, PoshBarbaricFlush changed his diet and started an exercise program, losing 60 pounds.

“I’ve patched relationships with old friends. I’ve taken a role at work that I can be proud of. I’ve spent more time with my wife,” he wrote. “I feel better, live better, and look better than I have since I was a teenager.”

Other commenters agreed that Trump was an inspiration to them as well.

“I actually hear stories like this a lot. The God Emperor [Trump] has actually inspired people -including myself -become versions of themselves,” wrote one Reddit user. “No joke but that part he does about winning? It’s like one of those things you play to get yourself amped up, like Eye of the Tiger or something.”

“Keep it up bro, there are a lot of us being inspired by Trump not just to become active in politics again, but to become active in life again,” said another.

While President Trump is inspiring to both men and women, the “Make Myself Great Again” movement seems to really resonate with men, particularly young ones. These are men who are turned off by “cucks,” “beta males,” and “nu-males” who they consider to be weak and ineffective. They want a strong role model who is an alpha male, like Trump.

President Trump has also inspired some alcoholics to quit drinking.

“I’ve stopped drinking since Nov. 9, 2016 because our glorious madman hasn’t drunk or smoked ever in his life,” exclaimed user Huffington_Ghost. “You should do the same and Make America Great Again!”

President Trump has even inspired a self-help book called “TRUMP: Make Yourself Great Again! A Spiritual Path” by Thomas McNamara.

The book covers various topics such as diet, exercise, depression, OCD, hair pulling, and procrastination.

From the book description: “It tells a story of a man who walked a spiritual path and opened his Trump-eye (previously thought to be the third eye). It also describes the four Noble Trump Truths.”

“What’s better than personal growth TRUMP style?” McNamara wrote in the book description. “I have a degree in Economics and experience working in political campaigns. But Believe me, the most important thing is that I have awoken my Trump-EYE! And you can too!”