Psychonauts Available Now

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts was created after a successful crowd-funding of $3.8 million.

The original Psychonauts has just been released for PlayStation 4 and is available for download.

The release of the game was mixed in confusion as Sony announced the release to be on the 7th of June, and then retracted the name of the game from its initial announcement. Later, Sonny said the game will be released as planned, only without giving up a certain date.

Without any other explanations, the game appeared available for download on the exact date of 7. Just as initially announced, Sonny made it available for download and did not continue with the timing jams and excuses.

“Fight mental demons! Uncover hidden memories! Sort emotional baggage! Explore the fantastic realm of the inner mind! Join the Psychonauts!” reads the game’s page.

Psychonauts has 2.3GB in size and up until now the 71 players who tried it gave it a 5-stars rating on PlayStation Store.

The game, which is a reinvention of another game that was available for PlayStation 2, allows only single player mode and requires a save size of minimum 4 GB.

The new edition of the game was possible due to a successful crowd-funded project which already reached its target and raised $3.8 million for its creation.

Psychonauts is described as a psychic odyssey and promises to interfere with the minds of misfits, madmen, and monsters.

Its main protagonist is Razputin, training in a summer camp to become a member of the Psychonauts, which are a group of international psychic secret agents.

Before becoming a trainee, Razputin was a circus actor. He had to run away when his psychic powers started to manifest, and he could read the secret intentions of everyone.

Among many others, Razputin is able to levitate, has telekinetic abilities and can make mind projections.

The action starts after everyone at the camp disappears, and Razputin has to use his psychic abilities to save the day. The goal is to find his teammates and in the process, to become worthy of being a part of the group of elite agents.

Players say that the game has a couple of weird twists, but the overall impression was favorable.

Psychonauts has widescreen support for PS4 and will be released in Europe in the next weeks.

The price of the game is $10.

Image Source: Flickr