Raising Awareness About Cervical Cancer

Raising Awareness About Cervical Cancer

The officials from the American Cancer Society selected January to be the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. The public health specialists encourage women to talk to their doctors regarding the risks of cervical cancer and how to prevent the development of this condition.

Based on the statistics, roughly 12,820 American women will develop cervical cancer this year, and 4,210 of them will die due to this disease. For example, 520 women in Illinois will be diagnosed with this condition.

Fortunately, cervical cancer is not just preventable but also treatable, thanks to the medical advances in vaccination and screening. At the beginning of the 20th century, this disease was one of the leading death causes among women across the United States.

The mortality rates dropped off by over fifty percent in the past four decades thanks to the Pap test screening, according to Debbie Saslow, one of the ACS officials. The public health specialists recommend women aged 21 to 29 to go for a Pap test every 36 months.  Also, women between 30 and 65 years old should have a Pap and HPV tests every five years.

Saslow says that the HPV test can detect the infections leading to cancer. Unfortunately, HPV infections are quite common. Although many of them don’t cause serious problems, the Pap and HPV tests are still the best way to early detect his type of cancer.

Older women (over 65) who had regular screenings and didn’t get negative results don’t need a cervical cancer screening. Saslow adds that HPV vaccination is one of the best ways to decrease the prevalence of cervical cancer in the United States.

According to the ACS experts, regular HPV vaccination should start when children are 11 or 12 years old. The specialists say that this type of cancer originates from HPV infections most of the time. As such, HPV vaccination prevents 90 percent of cases, meaning 28,500 cervical cancers ever year. The scientists believe that cervical cancer can be completely eradicated in a few years.

Still, some people don’t trust every type of vaccination and they prefer to stay healthy through natural methods. The most efficient way to prevent any condition is to have a healthy lifestyle consisting of an excellent diet and regular physical exercises.

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