Russians to Name Street after Trump to ‘Make City Great Again’

Russians to Name Street after Trump to ‘Make City Great Again’

A small town in Russia, Ryazan, plans to name one of its streets after the president-elect Donald J. Trump. Residents believe the “Street of Donald Trump” would be a welcome addition to their town’s landscape. Russians believe the real estate tycoon turned politician is a “big friend of Russia” and “supporter of traditional values.”

Town folks even started a petition on to persuade authorities to carry out the plan. Reportedly, the petition garnered enough support for authorities to take it into consideration and “make Ryazan great again.”

Making Everything Great Again

One of petition backers is confident that rebranding a street after Trump would make the township “great again.” Another supporter explained he signed the petition because he was born in the Ryazan and he thinks Trump would “change everything for the better.”

On the other hand, not everyone welcomed the initiative. According to the petition’s text, which is written in Russian, some Ryazan residents think a street named after Trump would make the entire town “look like idiots” because America newly elected president may impose sanctions against Russia.

Critics said it is better to wait and see Trump’s “first moves” before taking a decision. An unnamed city official also expressed his disbelief that a street would be actually renamed after Trump.

That official explained a person has to be long dead before a street or building can bear his name. In Ryazan, city council waits five years after the death of a person before it can rename a street. According to the rules, the person can be a public figure, Russian or foreign.

But petition backers have one more reason to fight for the rebranding. The current name of the street is “Bezbozhnaya” which means “Godless.” Many residents find the name offensive to their Christian Orthodox religion.

Meanwhile in America

But while in Russia “Make America Great Again” inspires people to change things for the better, in America the views are mixed. Ever since Election Night, voters that are unhappy with the election’s results have marched on streets to make their voice heard.

While most protests have been peaceful there were also violent clashes between Trump and Clinton supporters. The latest incident involved a teen from Rockville, Maryland. Reportedly, a group of students attending the same school brutally beat him for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. The 15-year-old landed in an ER immediately.

All students were from Richard Montgomery High School. Before the assault, the attackers had been protesting Trump on Maryland Avenue, close to the Rockville courthouse. But when the victim neared the crowd chanting “Love Trumps Hate” the students surrounded him and started to punch him.

Witnesses saw attackers throwing him onto the sidewalk and kicking him with their feet in the ribs. One bystander said they “jumped him and beat him up pretty bad.” Moments later, medics escorted the teen to an ambulance and took him to a nearby hospital.

Image Source: Wikimedia