Sexist Men More Likely to Develop Mental Disorders

Sexist Men More Likely to Develop Mental Disorders

A ten-year study has revealed that sexist men are more prone to develop psychological problems later in life. Worse, these men don’t usually seek out treatment because either they are too proud or they think their condition is manageable without medical attention. Sexist men are those who like to dominate women and display a playboy behavior.

Experts reviewed 78 studies on mental health and masculinity conducted between 2003 and 2013. Also, they included roughly 20,000 participants between twelve and 65 years, and most of them were men.

Furthermore, fifty percent of the participants were white men, while the rest of them were Asian Americans and African Americans. Then, scientists established eleven norms regarded as traditionally masculine, such as power over women, the primacy of work, self-reliance, playboy behavior, sexual promiscuity, dominance, violence, risk-taking, emotional control, and desire to win.

The team tried to see whether any of those norms were related to an elevated risk of psychological problems. Therefore, they discovered that the men who tried to rely as much as they could on those norms were more prone to suffer from negative social functioning, substance abuse, body image problems, stress, and depression.

Also, they were more likely to refuse counseling as they preferred to deal with those issues on their own. These consequences were more prevalent in men who stuck to self-reliance, power over women, and playboy behavior.

According to Joel Wong, lead author from Indiana University, these results are not surprising. In fact, they are a solid proof to more than two decades of research. Also, scientists explain that sexist men suffer from toxic masculinity.

Wong underlines that this study does not aim to denigrate men or their attributes. Instead, the researchers wanted to find out how certain behaviors can affect sexist men and the people around them.

Wong further added that many people might say self-reliance and playboy behavior define a man, but that is not necessarily true because men have had various perceptions about masculinity over the course of history.

Therefore, they can still change this interpretation, although they behaved their whole lives in a certain way. In other words, power over women doesn’t make you a better man because it means that you don’t treat them as equals.

Image Source: The Canary