Skype Android App Adds New Features

Skype Android app

The new Skype Android app is totally redesigned.

Skype is one of the most known social platforms. On this platform, users can chat, make calls, and video calls. The problem is that this platform tends to block and shut down often. The platform works almost perfect on Windows 10.

Skype’s Android app still has some problems that need to be solved. Apparently, Microsoft decided to make some changes for the Android app too. The tech giant launched a Skype Preview app for Android. This is only available for those who are part of the program Skype Insiders.

The new Skype Android app is totally redesigned. From the layout of the app to the icons all of them are redesigned. The Skype Android app started to look a lot like Skype Preview on Windows 10. Even the icons are similar to the app on Windows 10.

This change for the Skype Android app is great because its design was not the best. This is going to make the Android app a lot easier to navigate. The popularity of Skype might also grow because of these changes.

Skype also has some new features that might make it more appealing to its users. One of the best features is that Bing is integrated. Bing also has a dedicated tab on the chat. This makes it easier for people to search for anything on the web directly from the Skype Android app.

Another feature integrated on the Skype app is Giphy. Skype users can now share GIFs in conversations. Microsoft also mentioned that many more features are going to be available on Skype app in the near future.

Another option that was integrated with Skype is the “react” feature. People can now react to a message in a chat. Despite the fact that it might not seem useful in a one-to-one discussion, in a group chat it can be a great option.

This app is only available for Android users now. The fact that it is built by using React Native framework from Facebook could mean that this app is going to be available for iOS soon. If you want to try the new Skype Android app you can download it from the Google Play Store.

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