Snapchat Launches Spectacles

Snapchat Launches Spectacles

Snapchat is a very popular app. It is used by a significant number of people every day. However, there isn’t much more that can be done with Snapchat. In order to expand Snapchat’s business, lateral thinking is required. So the company plans to do much more than just Snapchat from now on.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel is 26 years old and ambitious. He wants to take Snapchat beyond just an app. The company is now called Snap Inc. as a way to signal that it is moving in a new direction. The first step is a hardware product.

Spectacles available in the fall

Snapchat is moving into the world of gadgets. It is launching its first hardware product called Spectacles. The gadget is a pair of sunglasses that has the ability to record video. They look just like an ordinary pair of sunglasses. But if you put them on you can use them to record video. Tapping a button located near the hinge starts the recording of up to 10 seconds of video from your point of view. Every single time you tap the button on the hinge it records another clip.

Spectacles is going to be available this fall in one size fits all. You’ll be able to find the video sunglasses in three colors: black, teal and coral.

Better Than Using Your Smartphone

Evan Spiegel says that using spectacles is much better than using your smartphone to record video.

From the point of view of technology used, Spectacles just films better video. The camera on Snap Inc.’s sunglasses utilizes a 115-degree-angle lens. That’s wider than the lens on a smartphone and it is a lot closer to the human eye’s natural field of vision. As a result, the video that it records is circular, a lot more like human vision.

Another advantage is that spectacles frees up your hands to do whatever you want. You can capture video of you petting a dog, holding up a baby or rocking out at a concert. You don’t have to hold your phone up in order to film. Sometimes the phone can stand in the way of you experiencing what you are recording.

Video from spectacles should feel like your own memory of the event. The camera aims to film everything as if through your own eyes, with the video doing its best to replicate what you saw. The point of view experience allows you to relive the moments recorded, stored in digital memory.

Snapchat looks prepared for the future whatever it may be. Not resting on any laurels, the company is making lateral moves into new markets. The driving force behind Snapchat is as always, Evan Spiegel. He looks like he is set to stay with Snapchat and see things through. After all, three years ago they said no to a $3 billion offer from Facebook to buy Snapchat in cash. So far, it looks like Spiegel was right. Recent reports say that the value of Snap Inc. is somewhere between $16 billion and $22 billion.

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