SpaceX Falcon Completes Its Third Mission

"SpaceX Falcon"

SpaceX Falcon completes its third mission

SpaceX Falcon landed safely on a platform from the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket has been launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. This now third mission for the rocket was to deliver a Japanese communication satellite on Earth’s orbit.

The owner of the device is Elon Musk, and he declared that even if the rocket completed the mission, it also suffered from damages caused by high speed during landing.

The first task for this particular privately-owned rocket was to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. The first trip was co-financed by NASA.

On this third voyage in space, the rocket reached an altitude of 76 miles above Earth. While returning to our planet, the rocket needed to fire three out of its nine engines in order to lower the speed. It had to go from 441 mph to 134 mph within only three seconds.

Even though this was, in fact, a second successful ocean landing, SpaceX company declared that Falcon will not be able to fly again.

“Most recent rocket took max damage, due to v high entry velocity,” Musk announced on Twitter.

After its launch on the 6th of May, many people believed that this would turn to be the beginning of a series of new launches, going as far as to presume monthly space voyages. This assumption was primarily supported by the proven merits of SpaceX.

Elon Musk’s company has completed no less than 70 launches until now, which brought him $10 billion worth of contracts. The commercial cost of a single launch is $61 million.

It is said that they could become a competitor for the Indian national service for commercial satellite launches. Even if this will not be the case for the time being, there may be a drop in prices on what concerns satellite launches.

At this moment, the price for space launches is driven by propellants. If Musk continues to be successful in launches, it may be that from now on hardware will set the price. New technology can lead lower damages on landing and during flight, and a concept everyone is interested in right now is reusability.

Even if the third mission resulted in maximum damage to the rocket, it still represents a success for Musk, who has now drawn attention to his company and its engineering capabilities.

Image Source: Wikipedia