Strange Energy Signals from Space, Aliens Reaching Out?

Energy signals from spaceFor a little while, there have been rare and brief bursts of energy coming from space. These radio waves have been detected for over ten years, and some think that the bursts of energy might be alien life.

Scientists have now confirmed that they are confident the signals originate from space.

The scientific team from the Swinburne University of Technology have found the three locations in outer space where they feel the signals originate from. What’s strange is that they believe the messages are alien transmissions.

They say that conventional single dish radio telescopes cannot establish signals that originate outside of earth’s atmosphere.

The first burst was found in 2007, and there have been less than 24 detected by the Parkes Observatory in Australia. These bursts are suspected to originate billions of light years away in distant galaxies.

What are Fast Radio Bursts?

Fast radio bursts, FRBs, are radio transmissions that will appear randomly and temporarily. They are extremely hard to find and study because they are short-lived. In the past, the mystery of these FRBs was that scientists could not figure out where they were coming from. Scientists also struggles to pinpoint what type of device could create a such short and sharp burst.

The collection of FRBs led to speculation that they could come from stars colliding or from artificially-created messages from another life form.

Scientists have speculated about the idea of alien transmissions, and now researchers from the Australian National University have found three more FRBs by using a Molonglo radio telescope.

In 2013, the scientists had discovered that this particular telescope could pinpoint FRBs because it has a longer focal length than other telescopes.

FRBs are brilliant, even with a short duration. Moreover, the research teams can only identify that they have not come from our planet; they could not confirm where they originate from. A synthetic origin (like an alien message) is something that they are considering.

Scientists also believe that a solar-powered transmitter twice the size of Earth could be the source of the message. Only something of great size could emit such a far-reaching message. Truly, any technology in our world would pale in comparison to such a transmitter — but such technology is certainly possible in the realm of the future.

The power required to generate these messages would be enough to push a million tons into space. That’s about 20 times larger than the biggest cruise ship on Earth. In fact, the transmitter would be big enough to carry passengers across space if it needed to.

The authors of the scientific report have stated that they believe the most likely cause of the FRBs is that the device is utilizing interstellar light sails — something the world has not learned how to do.

Whether the message is from aliens or random bursts of sound from space, no one will know for certain until the team completes more research.