Survey: Men More Likely to Tell the Truth than Women

Survey: Men More Likely to Tell the Truth than Women

According to a recent survey, women are more likely to tell lies than men when it comes to work, diet and personal relationships. Researchers noted the weaker sex is more likely to call in sick without a reason, cheat on a diet, and make up excuses to fend off a date not on their liking.

The survey which was commissioned by the U.S. brand of herbal tea, Honest, involved 2,100 British men and women.

Despite men being the more honest sex, women’s habit of routinely bending the truth has an upside. They are the ones most likely to tell a lie so they won’t hurt people’s feelings.

Study investigators found 39 percent of female respondents lied about being sick just to skip a day at work. By contrast, just 37 men did so. Additionally, 33 percent of women have failed to strictly follow a diet and did not tell anyone about it. By comparison, just 23 percent of men cheated on a weight loss plan.

When it comes to romantic relationships, 37 percent of female respondents and 27 percent of male respondents said they lied their way out of a date.

What’s more, 60 percent of women admitted they lied about liking a gift in order not to offend somebody, compared with just 43 percent men. The survey also revealed the Welsh are more likely to tell the truth, but all Britons become more honest as they age, especially in relationships.

The survey also revealed more than one-third of both men and women lied they left home, when they didn’t. Nearly 60 percent of both sexes reported they are “completely honest” with their mom and dad. Additionally, 72 percent said they don’t tell lies to their significant other.

Honest tea commissioned the survey to launch the brand in the U.K. The tea has been on the U.S. market for two decades now. The company pledged to conduct a social experiment called the ‘Honest Index’ which will include surveys to see how trustworthy U.K. respondents are.

Several studies have found honesty is essential for healthy relationships. But unfortunately research also revealed people lie in one in five actions involving a stranger and one in ten actions involving their significant other.

Experts’ Opinion

Experts reveal there are several reason people aren’t completely honest to one another. People need to first learn to be completely true to themselves before being honest to their peers.

If they manage to do it, they will be more likely to tell people the truth than what they want to hear. It is crucial to be honest about what we want from a relationship and our identity, experts point out.

But if we plan to go on the honesty path towards a fulfilling relationship, we should be also ready to hear the truth from our partner, experts say. It is equally important to let others express their personal views instead of arguing every small detail.

“Take the Cotton Out of Your Ears and Stick it In Your Mouth,”

AA experts often tell newcomers.

One more obstacle to being honest in a relationship is failure to perceive your partner as a separate person. If couples manage to overcome this problem they won’t have to deceive each other to fit into an image or expectation. Instead they will accept one another for whom they really are and provide mutual support for the things that make them different, but give their life a meaning.
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