Syrian Mother Recalls Gruesome ISIS Killings of Christian Children

Syrian Mother Recalls Gruesome ISIS Killings of Christian Children

In a disturbing interview, a Syrian mother recounts how IS militants killed 250 Christian children in an industrial dough kneader and burned six adults alive in a bakery’s oven. The woman’s own son, George, was ruthlessly beaten and shot dead for refusing to abandon his faith.

In an interview with human rights group “Roads of Success,” Alice Assaf told in graphic detail what Islamic militants did to the Christian population in her town, Douma, two years ago.

Assaf said ISIS took over the town early in the morning and quickly began slaughtering Christians. The woman said she witnessed the execution of members of hundreds of families in her neighborhood.

So, she told her children to hide and die in their home so other members of the community would  know what happened to them. When they arrived home, one neighbor confirmed ISIS was after Christians. After IS militants were done with Christians, they targeted Syrian army members.

Grisly Killings

The woman recalled days and nights of sheer horror while she and her children were hiding in Muslim neighbors’ homes. After she begged a Muslim neighbor to save them in any way he could, he agreed to keep an eye on the road and announce her when it was safe to run away.

But no such opportunity came as militants killed passers-by “systematically.” At the time, she heard militants caught 250 children, pushed them in a local bakery’s bread machine and “kneaded” them to death. The oldest child was four.

Later, the barbarians seized six strong men working at the bakery and burned them alive in an oven because they were Christians. During those days, militants beheaded several other Christian children in front of their parents.

But as the Syrian troops were trying to enter the town, rebels threw children out of balconies to intimidate them. After several violent clashes, ISIS fighters started to hunt down Syrian soldiers.

Death of Assaf’s Son

Assaf said two soldiers pleaded with her to give them shelter. She agreed to help but warned her son that they might get killed for that. When she told him to run away, her son said he would rather die.

On the day ISIS militants raided the apartment complex Assaf was living in, one Muslim neighbor advised her son to tell them his name was Khaled, a Muslim name. But George said he did not want to die with that name.

“My son said to me, ‘No, mother, I don’t want to die with an identity not my own. I prefer to die with the name George,'”

the Syrian mother said.

When she urged him to at least hide, he refused, saying Jesus Christ would deny him before His Father who is in Heaven, if he denied Him before men.

The militants soon broke into their home and arrested the boy. Some neighbors had told them that soldiers were hiding in their home. The rebels told George that they would spare his life if he abandoned his faith.

When he said no, they took him to another room and started to brutally beat him. Amid his son’s screams, the desperate mother prayed that they just shoot him. Moments later, they dragged him to the backyard and shot him.

Image Source: Pixabay