Teacher Tells Black Students They’d Be Shot Because They’re ‘Stupid’

A middle school science teacher in Baltimore City who lost her temper during the class told her black students they are just “punk-ass n— —s” who would get shot because they’re ‘stupid.’ One student covertly filmed the entire incident and the teacher lost her job.

The video shows the teacher yelling at a black male student and asking him to leave her class several times. After she grabs him by the hood on his jacket and gets him out, she turns to the predominantly black class and starts insulting them.

She tells them that without education they are all going to wind up being shot.

“Because you’re stupid!,”

the teacher repeatedly yells.

One student looks visibly shocked by her insults.

School’s Reaction

School district officials confirmed the teacher had the fit of rage Tuesday at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School in West Baltimore. But she no longer works there. Officials declined to identify her.

The school, whose students are almost all African Americans, said they were “appalled.” They criticized “the verbally abusive behavior” of the white teacher and said her racist remarks won’t be tolerated.

Baltimore schools chief executive Sonja Santelises said she learned about the incident Wednesday. She reportedly fired the teacher shortly after watching the clip. Also, she underlined the schools have zero tolerance on “hate speech” and any other discriminatory behaviors.

She dismissed suggestions that the video may depict a problem the nation’s teachers currently face: inability to manage their classroom and lack of support from schools. Santelises confirmed there are indeed many educators with classroom management issues. But they don’t resort to racial insults to make a point.

“We can’t provide enough support to counteract what’s in someone’s heart,”

Santelises said.

‘Zero Tolerance’ for Intolerance

She added more context to the story though. Her former employee is a second-year science teacher whom the school system hired through a certification program called the Baltimore City Teaching Residency (BCTR).

Santelises explained BCTR teachers benefit from sustained support from a mentor in the first year. They are also continuously training and have to go through diversity classes, which the female teacher completed.

In addition, Santelises said the system is “pro-active” in touting diversity and punishing intolerance on school grounds.

“[We] are intolerant about intolerance,”

the CEO said.

The Baltimore Teachers Union commented on the incident as well. They said they “condemn” their member’s verbally abusive behavior. Furthermore, they pledged to cooperate with the public schools system to create “equitable learning environments.”

The video shows the teacher going off on her students after she dismissed one of them. She yells at them asking them who else needed to “freaking leave.” She is also visibly upset that she gave them classwork to do and they ignored her. At one time she tells a female student who shows her something on a laptop she would get nothing for doing nothing. She also yells at the class several times telling them they’re “idiots.”

After seeing the video, a City Council official said the city has “zero tolerance” for adults who abuse children. The official noted that the enraged teacher was standing before a crowd of impressionable minds. So, the council thinks the city and the country had “more work to do.”