Trump Claims Voter Fraud was Behind his Popular-Vote Loss

Trump Claims Voter Fraud was Behind his Popular-Vote Loss

On Sunday morning, President-elect Donald Trump said he lost the popular vote to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton because “millions of people” illegally voted for her. He also noted the media remains silent on “serious voter fraud” in California, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

Experts, on the other hand, dismissed allegations saying that there is no real evidence of voter fraud. They called allegations “unprecedented” for a president-elect. The real-estate tycoon secured the Electoral College vote, but lost to Clinton the popular vote. Her popular vote lead currently stands at about two million ballots.

Trump’s Allegations

However, Trump tweeted over the weekend he would have won the popular vote as well if it hadn’t been for millions of voters who cast their ballots “illegally.” He also blasted Clinton for an easy win since, in the billionaire’s view, she only needed to campaign in “3 or 4 states” to win the popular vote. By contrast, Trump had to visit “15 states” in order not to forget smaller states.

Analysts pointed out that it is the first time the president elect alleges voter fraud after the election. His critics claim he bases his assertions on a plethora of fake news stories on conservative websites about voter fraud.

Over the last few weeks, Trump supporters have touted the theory that their candidate defeated his rival in the popular vote count. Trump’s transition team has yet to reply to requests for comment.

Trump also accused mainstream media of “serious bias” because it doesn’t report serious voter fraud in the three states. His tweets come as a response to Green Party’s efforts to raise money for a recount in swing states. On Friday, the party requested a recount in Wisconsin.

The Green Party suspects voter fraud was possible because the election results are too different in counties that used paper ballots and those with electronic voting machines. The Wisconsin Green Party said they were looking for a “reconciliation of paper records.”

Experts think the request could result in more than just a recount. Authorities could start an investigation if they find evidence of wrongdoing. A Green Party official said the request was a “first step” to check whether “electoral democracy” was working in the country.

Green Party’s Actions Pointless in Trump’s View

Clinton’s team and Obama administration dismissed rumors of a rigged election. They said there is no evidence voting systems were compromised. On the other hand, Clinton staffers said Saturday they would be present at the recounts along with Green Party’s candidate for presidency Jill Stein. Clinton’s team said they wanted to see whether the recount is “fair to all sides.”

The Green Party’s actions irked Trump who took aim at Clinton on early Sunday. He underscored that the Democratic nominee conceded the election in a phone call prior to the victory speech.

“Nothing will change,”

he said Sunday.

Next, he quoted Clinton’s own words in her concession speech urging her supporters to provide the billionaire with “the chance to lead.” In addition, Trump tweeted it is “sad” the recounts would require “so much time and money” for the result to remain unchanged.
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